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Takahashi Minami Real Life Web Article Translation
January 25, 2011

An article about Takamina, entitled The Leader Who Supports AKB48 “Takamina”, has recently been posted on Real Life Web. Special thanks goes out to htmfan for sharing the article with me / requesting it to be translated – thank you so much! ❤ As always I cannot guarantee for my translation to be 100% spot on perfect (I have a few notes at the end pointing out certain sentences I couldn’t make out), however I gave it my best and I like to believe I managed to capture the overall mood of the article 🙂 It’s a wonderful read that truly honors and praises Takamina, so check it out below!

The Leader Who Supports AKB48 “Takamina” (2011-01-20)

Together Team A, Team K, Team B, as well as SDN48 and kenkyuusei (research students) make up the considerably large, very popular AKB48 family.  Furthermore, the members are girls who participate and play an active part in the entertainment world. How on earth are these girls organized?

“It has been said that [this is due to] the large presence of Takahashi Minami, also known as Takamina,” said an entertainment writer. Takahashi passed the “AKB48 Opening Member Audition,” entering the group with other AKB48 members. *

In AKB48, the petite Takahashi is 148 centimeters tall, and is currently the Team A captain. It has been said that when AKB48 and their staff connect in a circle and cheer to encourage each other during concerts, it is always Takahashi who serves as a representative and gives a speech at that time.  Writer Iwasaki Natsumi has praised her leadership. While events such as elections, the Janken tournament, etc. can put a strain on the relationships [of the members], it is certainly amazing how [Takahashi] puts an end to it and has the great ability to organize and unite them. **

“She is not only a member of AKB48, but she is also highly respected by fans.  It has been revealed that the member that is most respected and honored is ‘Takamina.’” (Public entertainment writer)

However, while it is acknowledged that she [Takahashi] is best at having the ability to bring this band together, it has been said that it is unknown how long she will be able to continue doing this.

Last year, as stated in her first photobook, Akimoto Yasushi said “Takahashi Minami is AKB48.” From now on, Takahashi will play an active role in the framework of AKB48, no matter where or what activities she does. ***

Chobi’s Translator Notes

* Couldn’t understand the next sentence; something about the audition and Akimoto Yasushi being one of the judges

** Subsequent sentence was a little unclear as well, something about how spectators feel about Takamina.

*** Not too sure about this paragraph; it was a bit difficult to translate as well.


Takamina and 15 other AKB48 members selected as new “image” of H.I.S. CM
December 26, 2010

It was recently revealed in a December 20th article that Takamina and 15 other AKB48 members have been selected to be the new “image” of H.I.S new CM. For those of you who are unfamiliar with H.I.S, H.I.S is a travel business group that features a wordwide network of travel agencies, hotels, and other companies such as holdings and insurance companies. I tried translating the news article since it was rather short, and while it may not be perfect you can read the translation here:

AKB48: Shinoda Mariko, Takamina led 16 member group, in the colorful CA appearance “Yes!” “H.I.S” new CM

Idol group AKB48 will appear in travel agency H.I.S’s “First Dream Fair” CM wearing colorful cabin attendant costumes, which will be revealed in 20 days. It will be broadcasted across the nation except in Kansai on the 27th.

In the CM, Shinoda Mariko, Takahashi Minami, Kojima Haruna, Yokoyama Yui, Kashiwagi Yuki, Sashihara Rino,  Miyazawa Sae and 16 total members will perform “Ikitakatta Ikitakatta Ikitakatta~YES!”, (I wanted to go, I wanted to go, I wanted to go~ YES!) a parody of AKB48’s big hit “Aitakatta”, and “go abroad” to convey that message.   

“First Dream Fair”, with H.I.S and AKB48, is a special commemorative item collaboration, such as 48 yen round trip hotels accommodations and transportation plans in Hawaii and Guam. (Translator’s Note: I couldn’t really make out the last sentence clearly, but I believe it was talking about how the company has expanded since its formation on January 3rd, 1999, the prices of its tours, and how popular spots include Seoul and Taiwan.)  (Mainichi Shinbun Digital)

I am extremely excited to see this CM. Not only because Takamina is in it, but I find the fact that they’re going to do a parody of Aitakatta extremely hysterical ^^ I’ll post more news on the CM when the time comes and it is revealed, but until then enjoy some of the promotional images:

No Sleeves featured in Special Oricon Interview
December 26, 2010

Just like how Takamina was featured in a very lengthy, insightful, picture filled interview back when her 1st photobook was released, No Sleeves was recently featured in a Special Oricon Interview as well! It features interviews with the group as a whole, asks the members individual questions, and also include a lovely photo gallery. Check it out on the Oricon website over here, or just check out the images of Takamina and No Sleeves here:

I think what’s really interested is that the article does not only feature an interview, but also mini Q&A sessions and more interview questions in the days approaching the album’s release date.  Here’s a translation of Takamina interview on December 22nd, translated by Saya on Stage48.

Q. What kind of person do you (Takamina) see Kojiharu as?
【Takamina】Nyannyan is just as she looks, my paced. But there are times when I am saved by her my pace-ness.
Because I am the type who gets really really nervous, during those times she tells me “It’s alright.” It doesn’t have a base, but I am saved by that “It’s alright.”
【Kojiharu】 That’s because Takamina thinks about anything deeply~.
【Takamina】Thinking too much becomes really bad feeling.
【Kojiharu】 I am the type who doesn’t really think about stuff to deeply.

Q. What kind of person do you (Takamina) see Miichan as?
【Takamina】“The younger sister.” Even though I dislike it, I really think it would be nice to have this kind of little sister. She’s like a cat, like a free and selfish/willful tsundere. When she wants to be spoiled/fawned upon, she is, there are also times when she acts rude. (not sure about that last part)
【Miichan】 But when I go over, Takamina runs away!
【Takamina】 You’ve got it wrong. I am just waving about a little, sometimes being nice, it’s cute so it’s good.
【Miichan】That’s gross! (laugh)
【Takamina】You always hate that. (laugh)
【Miichan】 Takamina likes cats!, huh?
【Takamina】 Because I can’t keep cats, I am satisfied with Miichan!

I thought both mini interviews were very cute, and it’s a great chance for the fans to read about how the girls interact. I also think Takamina described Kojiharu and Miichan perfectly. I remember in the 2010 Team A Visual Book Kojiharu was voted the “My Pace” King out of all the Team A members, so I thought about that and giggled to myself when I saw Takamina said that ^_^ Kojiharu also seems like that kind of cool, laid back kind of person. I also thought the banter between Miichan and Takamina was hysterical xD I also felt bad whenever I rewatch Takamina’s private video and she tells the fans about her cats, and then says that she’s allergic. It’s adorable to know that Miichan is like a little to Takamina, and I think that also makes Miichan’s cuteness level rise even further ^u^

Anyway the interviews seem really fun to read and check out, so keep frequenting the Oricon page as No Sleeves’ album release date approaches to read the other interviews! ❤ And remember – the album hits stores on January 1st, 2011, so preorder your copy today!

Happy 2nd Anniversary No Sleeves! ♥♥♥
November 26, 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary No Sleeves! ❤ [party][party][party]

Although the group was technically announced on September 3rd 2008, 2 years ago today, on November 26th 2008, No Sleeves’ released their first single, “Relax!”. [party][party][party] Now, two years later, they already have starred in two dramas (Mendol and Kotodama no Onnatachi), have released 5 singles, and are expected to release their first album in January.

Haruna blogged about their anniversary today, and I’ve translated the entry here:

Anniversary (・v・)Kojima

November 26。。。ハート

Today is 2 years since No Sleeves debuted with “Relax!”ハートキラキラ(ピンク色)

It’s already been 2 years, huh。。(бвб)

I feel like we were always together before our debut, together every day, and now its 2 years later. (бвб)電球(点滅)

(Some I have omitted)アセアセ2 LOL

On January 1st
We’ll be releasing!!アセアセ2our much anticipated first album
Our 3rd year, more activities, I want to be active!!

I think(∵)

And to all of you who have supported us,

Thank you alwaysデレデレキラキラ(ピンク色)
From now on please treat us well!!

I love youハート

From Haruna(・v・)ノ

Chobi’s Note: I translated the title of the blog entry as “Anniversary” because the  Japanese title of the blog entry is いいふろのひ, which literally means “repeating day” (いいふるす means to say repeatedly). If anyone can think of a better translation let me know!

Anyway, Congratulations No Sleeves! ♥♥♥ The girls have been doing great these past two years, so here’s to wishing they continue to succeed for two more, and two after than, and two after that, and two after that ^^ がんばって ください!!! ♥♥♥

This is Takahashi Minami☆ On a generous impulse this is the second post of the day (LOL) (2010-11-01)
November 5, 2010

It’s sunnyyyy
I thought, then it started rainingggg

I wonder how it is in Tokyo

That’s right…

Us in No Sleeves

went to the Gifu prefecture

Gifu was cool
We went on location

It was cold and the rain was falling so hard, but anyhow it was still fun
Particularly afterwards~

Speaking of which!

I also need to wake up early tomorrow
Good niiight~

Translator’s Note: I couldn’t figure out what the heck the blog title meant (something along the lines of “Second post of the day”? Not entirely sure…) so I’m leaving it in the Japanese for now until I figure it out ^^; Problem solved! As usual thanks goes to BORNTORUN for helping me correct some of the translation!

This is Takahashi Minami☆ Halloween☆ (2010-11-01)
November 5, 2010


Happy Halloweenハロウィン

But Halloween was yesterday, huh
Yeah Yeah

That being said!
After No Sleeves performed at the Meidai Festival yesterday
At Acchan’s house
There was a Halloween Party

The guests were
Acchan, Mariko-sama, Nozofisu, No Sleeves, Norotan


Making a total of 8 happy people

There was also a lavished meal
I ate Acchan’s mama’s delicious home-cooking
It was deliciousss

We also properly wore costumes
I dressed up as Snow White but…

I forgot to take a picture

I’m pretty sure you can see a copy of it on someone else’s blog (I leave it to them) , so please look forward to and search for it


Mine-chan and Norotan’s costumes are

Norochan Spongebob
Mine-chan Bee
Aren’t they cute

And finally

What the heck she’s cosplaying is unclear
Maybe it’s the Cat Street store that’s opening in Harajuku soon!

Or maybe a woman president
With a skull cap and

a tote bag

These days it’s really popular to put together your own costume

And today

No Sleeves worked hard from early in the morning♪
On location~

I really liked that place!!!

Clear up weather!!!!!

This is Takahashi Minami☆ Meidai Festival! (2010-10-31)
November 3, 2010

Yeah Yeah 

Today No Sleeves went to the Meidai* Festival

It was the first time only the three of us in No Sleeves performed live and did this and that   

I experienced the Meidai Festival last year when AKB48 performed there, however since it was only the three of us I was really nervous~ 

But because everyone tried to be warm in the beginning, it was really fun

The set list went like this

M1 Relax!
M2  Tane
M3  Seishun no Komorebi
M4  Junai no Crescendo

M5  Girls talk
M6  Kiss no Ryuusei
M7 Bye Bye Bye
M8 Kimi Shika

M1  Bus Stop


 It’s been a while since we sang the FULL version of Junai no Crescendo

Then in the MC~

I talked too much. I guess I got a little carried away.


A school festival couldn’t be better~

By all means I do want to perform again next year.

*Translator’s NOTE: “Meidai” is short for Meiji Daigaku, or Meiji University. Thanks to BORNTORUN for helping me correct some of the translation!

Takahashi Minami 1st Photobook “Takamina” Ranks at #1 on Oricon Book Charts! (2010-10-21)
October 25, 2010

A recent article on the Oricon website has revealed that Takamina’s 1st Photobook, “Takamina,” which was released on September 22nd, has ranked at #1 in Oricon’s “book” catagory! I’ve translated the article, which you can read here:

Takahashi Minami First Photobook – AKB Solo 4th First Place Group 

Popular idol group AKB48 Team A Captain, Takahashi Minami’s first solo photobook “Takahashi Minami 1st Photobook Takamina” (Kodansha/released  on September 22nd) has, in the latest 10/25 Oricon “book” ranking,  jumped to first place for the first time in the four weeks that it has been ranking in the photo book category ranking. Other AKB members’ solo photobooks that have ranked at first place include Oshima Yuko’s “Kimi wa, dare no mono?” (Kobunsha, released on September 6th), and Maeda Atsuko’s “Maeda Atsuko Photobook「ATSUKO」” (released on June 21st) and “Maeda Atsuko Photobook「Acchan」” (released on March 8th, both published by Shueisha). 

Born from the group “AKB’s conscience” Takahashi’s first photobook is also supported by members of her fans. The highest ranking in the past was second place when it first appeared in the 10/4 ranking. Then, in the 10/11 and the 10/18 rankings, it continued to rank and maintain a position in the TOP 5 before it entered and seized first place. 

The work has plenty to offer, as it includes pictures of Takahashi’s nation and island excursions, including  her visit to Enoden in Kamakura, gravure and photos of her naturally relaxing in a room, long interviews with AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi and AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko, as well as an interview with Akimoto Sayaka and Kashiwagi Yuki, etc.  Upon the book’s release, Takahashi said “While reading this book, I want you to know that, I hope you become a fan of AKB48 and feel happy.”

A similar article was also posted here on Yahoo! Japan, but I believe it’s basically about the Oricon article.

Considering how Takamina’s first photobook was anything but the typical idol photobook, I’m absolutely ecstatic that it was recieved so well and that it has sold as much as it has! ❤ I absolutely didn’t doubt my Captain’s success for a minute – Congratulations Takamina! And keep up the great work! ❤

This is Takahashi Minami☆☆Hiroshima☆ (2010-10-03)
October 8, 2010

Good eveningー

Today was Heavy Rotation’s nation-wide handshake event in Hiroshima

It’s been a while since the last nation-wide handshake event, I couldn’t believe how long the line was!

The last time’s Ponytail to Shushu occasion was Team A’s new public performance lesson
Man, seeing as where we came from it’s really been a while

By the way, on the subject of stories
I’ve recently been obsessed with Pokemon gym badges. I got 6 today.

Getting back to what I was saying

Today’s Setlist
M1 Aitakatta
M2 Ponytail to Shushu
M3 Heavy Rotation

Also between the handshaking and the meeting
Everyone in the Kenkyuusei performed
M1 Lemon no Toshigoro
M2 Miniskirt no Yosei

The state of the venue was like this:

I wished I took photos on stage, however
“An unusual well updated Takahashi blog entry
Everyone would say in unison when they’d come and see it
They’d remarked.

So somehow
I feel like it’s unusually rare that I’m updating my blog like this~

For the time being I promise to be good like this

Thank you all very much for everyone who came down today

This is Takahashi Minami☆ Impression!!! (2010-09-27)
October 1, 2010

Yakushiji was amazing!!!

I was really impressed!!!!

I’m ashamed to say that I was ready to burst into tears right at the opening.

As I descended the temple I felt like “I’m going to die!?” because many memories of the past 5 years passed before my eyes.

It was a mysterious place~

I’d like to experience it again.

Nara, Yakushiji

they often remind us of popular spots where we go on a school field trip, however I couldn’t go on my field trip back in middle school.

That was the day that Team A performed

“I love to perform at the AKB48 Theater before everything!!”
“I won’t go to Nara!!”

I thought so at the time.

when time passes


Even though I don’t regret the decision

I never thought it would be like this

 that I would come to Yakushiji in Nara to sing my favorite song on this occasion; I thought it was really beautiful!!!!!!

And to everyone who came down today!
Thank you so much
Be careful not to catch a cold

 I returned to Tokyo
The pouring rain surprised me
It was cold!!!!

Today’s Setlist

M1 Heavy Rotation
M2 Aitakatta
M4 Baby! Baby! Baby!
M6 Sakura no Shiori
M7 Skirt, Hikari
M8 Iiwake Maybe
M9 Oogoe Daimond
M10 Ponytail to Shushu
M11 10nen Sakura
M12 Sakura no Hanabiratachi
M1 Kimi ni Tsuite (MINT)
M2 Hikoukigumo
M3 Anata ga Itekuretakara

Gyah, this entry was so hard to translate *facepalms* The second half wasn’t so bad, but I wanted to shoot myself in the face while translation the first part of the entry. Takamina speaks using more colloquial Japanese, so it’s hard for me to understand what she’s exactly trying to say sometimes. Still, I did my best, and as always if anyone notices any mistakes or can think of a more sensable translation, please let me know! Enjoy everybody! ^^

EDIT: Thanks again to BORNTORUN for helping me correct some of the translation.