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Just a little burst of TakaAcchan love…
October 11, 2010

So there really isn’t a real point to this post, I am just finding this overly assuming right now:

You just gotta love the utter look of “DO NOT WANT!” on Takamina’s face [hehe] Show Takamina your love, Acchan… (On a side note… why the hell wasn’t this in the Heavy Rotation PV?!)

Also I’ve come to the realization that I do not do as much Takamina/Acchan fangirl as I should (since this is a Takamina fanblog after all, and I consider Acchan to be a significant part of Takamina’s life) so I’ve now made a TakaAcchan catagory. So keep your eyes peeled for more Takamina and Acchan love from now on ^_^