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買いました! ♥
September 25, 2010

So I just got back from a little trip down the city, and….

I bought Takamina’s photobook at Kinokuniya! ^_^ I was so excited because it was the last copy they had, and I was able to get it! ^^

I just took a quick look at it because I have tons of homework to do, but I have to say in my totally biased opinion that “Takamina” is the best photobook I have ever purchased. Honestly, it’s such an original photobook, and it’s totally Takamina’s style. I really like how it mixes professional photos with ones taken by her fellow AKB48 members (you get some really cute and awesome shots of Takamina ^^), and the fact that it’s jam packed with interviews just makes it amazing (too bad I won’t be able to read like any of it =_=). There’s also a very cute letter from Takamina at the end of the book ^_^

I think the only thing I wish the PB had more of were actually photobook pictures, and off-shot pictures of Takamina taken by the AKB48 members. I only say this because I absolutely love seeing Takamina acting so chill and dressing however the heck she likes in the off-shot pictures (plus some of them can be hysterical), and we basically saw all of the outfits she wears in the photobook through her previews, so in that respect there really wasn’t anything that surprised me (although there were obviously a lot of pictures we didn’t see through the previews). However that’s just my 2 cents regarding it – aside from that I have absolutely no complaints about the PB 🙂

So yeah, if you haven’t picked up your copy I highly recommend you do so now. Get it from the following retailers!

Amazon Japan
HMV Japan
CD Japan (Ships in 1-3 weeks)
YesAsia (Temporarily out of stock)

And if you still need pursuading, do it for the TakaAcchan love [inlove] [inlove] [inlove]


Takamina’s a Theater Girl! 19th Single Jankenpon Tournament Results!!!
September 21, 2010

Would have posted this earlier but I had work and classes all day, plus I just found out Takamina’s exact ranking now… damn life getting in the way of AKB48, haha.

After what seems like months of waiting, the moment that everyone has been anticipating and had Stage48 members on the edge of their seats at 5:00 this morning has finally arrived – The 19th single Jankenpon Tournament! Here are the results:

Takamina lost in the first round and ended up in Theater Girls.

I’m not going to lie, I was immensely opposed to the idea of the Janken Tournament when it was first announced. Not only was I concerned that Takamina may not make it to senbatsu, but I felt the whole idea was very hypocritcal. Aki-P has said that there’s a certain “face” to AKB48, aka the girls who usually make it to senbatsu, so the Janken tournament was a total contradiction. I understood the whole idea of giving the other girls a chance and trying to prove that AKB can release an amazing single even without the usual senbatsu line-up, but I didn’t like the decision behind it. I feel that the girls who don’t get chosen for senbatsu yet are still very talented, for example Sato Natsuki, Matsuda Yuka, and as of late Akimoto Sayaka, and that they deserve to be pulled out of the back and brought into the lime light because their talents are finally recognized, not through some random rock, paper, scizzors tournament.

However, not that the event has come and gone and I had plenty of time to think it over, the event wasn’t such a bad idea. One reason I was so strongly opposed in the beginning was for the obvious: the self fangirl kicked in and I didn’t like the idea of Takamina not being in senbatsu. Now please, don’t misinterpret this as me putting Takamina on a pedastil, for that is not the case at all. Since Takamina is my oshimen and has been in senbatsu for every AKB48 single to date, I have grown accustomed to her being that way and sharing the center position with Acchan (plus, is it so wrong of me to want my oshimen to be in senbatsu?). However, as I thought about it, in the end I really didn’t care about where Takamina ended up. I know she’s talented and that she loves AKB48 with all her heart, and given her personality I realized that Takamina probably didn’t even care where she ended up (and see, I think I was right! I mean. c’mon look at her, how awesome is she???). So with that thought in mind, I decided to think the same. Furthermore I realized it was a bit selfish of me to want Takamina to be in senbatsu when she’s been in it for every single to date – I can’t help it, I didn’t want Takamina to ruin her streak. I like routines and breaking away from them makes me purse my lips in disappointment (much like how Yuko was voted Number 1 in the senbatsu election and was center for Heavy Rotation).

The super gorgeous, super awesome Sato Natsuki (If you're thinking "*gasp* A non-Takamina picture in a Takamina blog?!" just bear with me for this once and read the following rant)

But yes, once I came to that resolution and realized I would be content with whatever result Takamina got, I decided to put my wishes and prayers to good use and focus on cheering on (in addition to Takamina), and other one of my top 5 oshimen: Sato Natsuki. I don’t think many people know or realize just how much I adore Natsuki (I have RSL to thank for that). Despite being pushed aside in favor of the more popular girls, I feel that Natsuki is one of the most talented girls in AKB48, and should, deserves, to be regarded as such. If you want to know why I think so just listen to any song she sings in – her voice is unbelieveably powerful and gorgeous. She also hasn’t been in senbatsu since Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou (the only single she made senbatsu for), so I was really rooting for her. I realized that it wouldn’t bother me if Takamina, Miichan, and Haruna didn’t make it into senbatsu because they always get to be in senbatsu, but it would have bothered me greatly if Natsuki didn’t. She’s so talented and deserves to be regarded as an amazing singer and idol, so I’ve very very very very very happy she made it to #7 in senbatsu – Lucky Seven! ^^

I’m also rather pleased with Takamina’s result in Theater Girls – I like the whole concept behind them, plus I like how for the most part the usual senbatsu line-up got mixed around, which will no doubt lead to an all-around interesting single. Takamina’s also in Theater Girls with Miichan and Yuko, plus Yukirin and Tomochin – it’s a great mix, and it has me looking forward to each and every track of the single. Too bad for me I don’t know anything about Uchida Mayumi, the girl who got center, but I’m sure she deserves the chance at the position and it should be fun and interesting to see.

“My love for AKB is second to none!” Takamina in the 2nd Senbatsu Election
September 18, 2010


AKB48 released their 4th DVD magazine earlier this month, which featured footage from the 2010 senbatsu election which occured back in June. We got a little preview of the senbatsu election with the mini documentaries on the Heavy Rotation singles, but now we finally have the chance to watch the whole election. To be honest I basically refuse to watch the election videos because I hate seeing the girls all sad and worked up like that, however I couldn’t resist watching Takamina’s speech clip.

Seriously, I think this video perfectly examplifies precisely why I idolize and admire Takamina. I love how she remains cool and strong throughout the video, and makes her speech with confidence. Better yet, it’s her actual speech that gets to me:


#6: Takahashi Minami (Team A)
Whatever rank I get, I will stand and I won’t change. Takahashi Minami is Takahashi Minami. Everyone who supports AKB, everyone who supports SKE, everyone who supports SDN48… I want to die doing my best, improving this Team and getting them to feel better about themselves as to not betray the expectations of these people. My love for AKB is second to none!

 (I tried translating it myself, but I’ve only taken Japanese for two years so it’s not a perfect translation.)

I also love in the video how even though Takamina mentions how in the sousenkyou guide book they expected her rank to go down, she still remains strong (and in her words, she mentions how she’s not crying like last year). You also gotta love her “never give up” personality – Takamina mentioned how that her ultimate goal is to become a singer, and that she’ll never give up on that. I really admire how positive she is about herself and that she’ll never give up hope on her dream. I think what I love the most about her speech though was that she didn’t give a shit about the ranking and didn’t focus on her position or the election at all really. She was all about AKB48, how she’ll try hard to help and lead the new Team A, and how the group is her life. You would have to have no soul not to respect that ❤

It’s when Takamina says stuff like this that I’m remind of why exactly she is my oshimen. She’s not self centered and doesn’t let popularity get in her way. She’s knows who she is and wants to work hard and be the best person she can be, and that’s perhaps the best trait that any human being, not just an idol, can have. Please Takamina, never give up and keep shining in AKB with all your might! ❤

My affection is overflowing non-stop~♫Heavyyy Rotation~!♫
August 29, 2010

NOTE: Since it’s late/very early in the morning and I want to get the review out, I’ll update this post with  PV screencaps later 🙂

So it’s 2:15 am, I move back to campus tomorrow morning, and I should probably be sleeping or at least double checking that I packed everything I needed. Instead I’m deciding to screw such priority and write a much needed review of AKB48’s latest single A-side and PV, Heavy Rotation.

Although I’m only going to talk about the one song in this entry, I’m just going to sidetrack a bit and talk about the physical CD itself for a second.
Money has been pretty tight with me lately (especially after I preordered Takamina’s solo calendar, photobook, and No Sleeves’ first album, plus I’m saving up for a bass guitar), but I went to Kinokuniya the other day and shelves were stocked with copies of Heavy Rotation, so of course I couldn’t resist. I decided to only buy one of the two editions at the time, and through a series of scientific processes I went with Limited Edition A. Why?
  1. Takamina is on the back cover!
  2. I was still obsessing over the adorableness that is Yasai Sisters at the time, so I wanted to buy the edition with that song, and
  3. I like the Limited Edition A cover more than Limited Edition B xD

To be honestly I only planned on buying that one edition, but it wasn’t until I got home that I remembered that Takamina’s Issho ni Koreichi! clip is on the Type B version, I want Lucky Seven on my iPod, and I forgot I wanted to watch the rest of the election documentary (damn you AKS for forcing us to buy both versions!). Luckily I need to go back to Kinokuniya to pick up my Heavy Rotation bonuses since they didn’t have it in the store at the time, so it all works out ^_^

But anyaaay, I digress. HR review time! ^^


Better Late Than Never!: Chobi’s Review on A6 “Mokugekisha” Shonichi
August 13, 2010

So I’ve been sick for almost a week now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the only good that comes out of being under the weather is that being under house arrest gives you (well me, at least) a chance to rest up, gather your thoughts, and work on some writing.
So I figure while I cook up some ideas for short stories and fan fictions, I may as well write a review for Team A’s new stage, complete with Takamina-centric review and picspam ^_^

Set List
00. Miniskirt no Yosei (Zenza Girls)
01. Mokugekisha
02. Zenjin Mitou
03. Ibitsu na Shinju
04. Akogare no Popstar
05. Ude wo Kunde (Nakaya Sayaka, Maeda Atsuko, Kuramochi Asuka)
06. Enjou Rousen (Takajo Aki, Sashihara Rino)
07. Itoshisa no Akuseru (Takahashi Minami)
08. Hoshi no Mukougawa (Nakata Chisato, Kojima Haruna, Oota Aika, Iwasa Misaki)
09. Saboten to Gold Rush (Ooya Shizuka, Katayama Haruka, Maeda Ami, Shinoda Mariko, Matsubara Natsumi, Nakagawa Haruka)
10. Utsukushiki Mono
11. Ai wo Kure
12. Matenrou no Kyori
13. Inochi no Imi
14. I’m crying
15. Zutto Zutto
16. Pioneer

First let me just say that I’m terribly sorry for the delay in post this; I rewatched the stage a few times in order to gather as much detail about the songs and performances as possible. I also decided to take screencaps, which also was time consuming, and writing the review in general look a lot longer than I thought (about 2 or 3 days of writing and 7 full Word document pages ^^;). But anyway, I’ll shut up now: Let Chobi’s long ass review begin! A6 IKUZEEE!!!!!!