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No Sleeves featured in January 21st Issue of FRIDAY
January 11, 2011

So I went to my local Kinokuniya the other day and found a pleasant surprise – No Sleeves are featured on the cover and inside of the latest issue of FRIDAY!

I don’t usually like to buy FRIDAY because it’s a tabloid magazine and tends to feature… mature pictures in it, but I was so excited seeing No Sleeves on the cover that I couldn’t resist ^u^ Check out the scans below. Four words: TAKAMINA LOOKS EFFING GORGEOUS :cute::cute::cute:


No Sleeves featured in Special Oricon Interview
December 26, 2010

Just like how Takamina was featured in a very lengthy, insightful, picture filled interview back when her 1st photobook was released, No Sleeves was recently featured in a Special Oricon Interview as well! It features interviews with the group as a whole, asks the members individual questions, and also include a lovely photo gallery. Check it out on the Oricon website over here, or just check out the images of Takamina and No Sleeves here:

I think what’s really interested is that the article does not only feature an interview, but also mini Q&A sessions and more interview questions in the days approaching the album’s release date.  Here’s a translation of Takamina interview on December 22nd, translated by Saya on Stage48.

Q. What kind of person do you (Takamina) see Kojiharu as?
【Takamina】Nyannyan is just as she looks, my paced. But there are times when I am saved by her my pace-ness.
Because I am the type who gets really really nervous, during those times she tells me “It’s alright.” It doesn’t have a base, but I am saved by that “It’s alright.”
【Kojiharu】 That’s because Takamina thinks about anything deeply~.
【Takamina】Thinking too much becomes really bad feeling.
【Kojiharu】 I am the type who doesn’t really think about stuff to deeply.

Q. What kind of person do you (Takamina) see Miichan as?
【Takamina】“The younger sister.” Even though I dislike it, I really think it would be nice to have this kind of little sister. She’s like a cat, like a free and selfish/willful tsundere. When she wants to be spoiled/fawned upon, she is, there are also times when she acts rude. (not sure about that last part)
【Miichan】 But when I go over, Takamina runs away!
【Takamina】 You’ve got it wrong. I am just waving about a little, sometimes being nice, it’s cute so it’s good.
【Miichan】That’s gross! (laugh)
【Takamina】You always hate that. (laugh)
【Miichan】 Takamina likes cats!, huh?
【Takamina】 Because I can’t keep cats, I am satisfied with Miichan!

I thought both mini interviews were very cute, and it’s a great chance for the fans to read about how the girls interact. I also think Takamina described Kojiharu and Miichan perfectly. I remember in the 2010 Team A Visual Book Kojiharu was voted the “My Pace” King out of all the Team A members, so I thought about that and giggled to myself when I saw Takamina said that ^_^ Kojiharu also seems like that kind of cool, laid back kind of person. I also thought the banter between Miichan and Takamina was hysterical xD I also felt bad whenever I rewatch Takamina’s private video and she tells the fans about her cats, and then says that she’s allergic. It’s adorable to know that Miichan is like a little to Takamina, and I think that also makes Miichan’s cuteness level rise even further ^u^

Anyway the interviews seem really fun to read and check out, so keep frequenting the Oricon page as No Sleeves’ album release date approaches to read the other interviews! ❤ And remember – the album hits stores on January 1st, 2011, so preorder your copy today!

This is Takahashi Minami☆ Halloween☆ (2010-11-01)
November 5, 2010


Happy Halloweenハロウィン

But Halloween was yesterday, huh
Yeah Yeah

That being said!
After No Sleeves performed at the Meidai Festival yesterday
At Acchan’s house
There was a Halloween Party

The guests were
Acchan, Mariko-sama, Nozofisu, No Sleeves, Norotan


Making a total of 8 happy people

There was also a lavished meal
I ate Acchan’s mama’s delicious home-cooking
It was deliciousss

We also properly wore costumes
I dressed up as Snow White but…

I forgot to take a picture

I’m pretty sure you can see a copy of it on someone else’s blog (I leave it to them) , so please look forward to and search for it


Mine-chan and Norotan’s costumes are

Norochan Spongebob
Mine-chan Bee
Aren’t they cute

And finally

What the heck she’s cosplaying is unclear
Maybe it’s the Cat Street store that’s opening in Harajuku soon!

Or maybe a woman president
With a skull cap and

a tote bag

These days it’s really popular to put together your own costume

And today

No Sleeves worked hard from early in the morning♪
On location~

I really liked that place!!!

Clear up weather!!!!!

This is Takahashi Minami☆ Meidai Festival! (2010-10-31)
November 3, 2010

Yeah Yeah 

Today No Sleeves went to the Meidai* Festival

It was the first time only the three of us in No Sleeves performed live and did this and that   

I experienced the Meidai Festival last year when AKB48 performed there, however since it was only the three of us I was really nervous~ 

But because everyone tried to be warm in the beginning, it was really fun

The set list went like this

M1 Relax!
M2  Tane
M3  Seishun no Komorebi
M4  Junai no Crescendo

M5  Girls talk
M6  Kiss no Ryuusei
M7 Bye Bye Bye
M8 Kimi Shika

M1  Bus Stop


 It’s been a while since we sang the FULL version of Junai no Crescendo

Then in the MC~

I talked too much. I guess I got a little carried away.


A school festival couldn’t be better~

By all means I do want to perform again next year.

*Translator’s NOTE: “Meidai” is short for Meiji Daigaku, or Meiji University. Thanks to BORNTORUN for helping me correct some of the translation!

Takahashi Minami Solo Calendar 2011 Pictures
November 2, 2010

My Takahashi Minami Solo 2011 Calendar arrived last week or so, but since I live on campus and I haven’t been home since September and I shipped the calendar to my house, I didn’t have the chance to take pictures of it. However, I went home for a little bit this weekend, and since I don’t remember any decent pictures of the calendar popping up I decided to take some shots of mine to share with everybody ^^

I don’t have a great scanner, and even if I did the calendar pages are far too large to actually scan, so I just took pictures of the pages with my digital camera. I hope this will suffice for now, and I hope that for anyone who hasn’t picked up the calendar yet that these previews will interest you buying it! ^^ So without further ado, check them out!

The calendar goes in the usual Japanese calendar style, with a sort of a ‘cover’ sheet, then each page thereafter featuring two months (leaving for a total of 6 calendar pages), and then a final picture sheet. Personally I always hang on to my favorite pages and the last sheets of my calendars because then I either cut then and use them as posters in my dorm room, or get my absolutely favorite framed to keep in my room at home. I’m going to have trouble deciding with ones from Takamina’s calendar are my favorites though… they’re all just so gorgeous! ❤ I have to admit I’m biased towards July/August, since August is my birth month and I absolutely adore the ribbon-adorned dress Takamina is wearing, but she looks absolutely lovely in all the pictures ^^ I’m probably most likely definitely going to save the last ‘bonus’ sheet though, since Takamina’s pose is awesome, and she manages to look so tsundere-cute and cool all at the same time ^_^ However knowing how I am with Takamina, I might just end up saving the whole darn calendar ^^;

Happy Halloween!
November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all had a lovely day on this holiday were everyone is encouraged to dress up in costumes and gorge on candy until their stomaches explode ^^ Unfortunately I had to work all day so I personally couldn’t enjoy Halloween as much as I hoped, but it totally made up when I got a text from a friend telling me how Takamina spent her day.

Are you ready for this? Drum roll please… dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka

Takamina dressed up as Snow White for Halloween!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ ^^ Check out pictures of her in her costume (courtesy of Shinoda Mariko’s and No Sleeves’ blogs)!

Doesn’t she make the most adorable Disney princess ever? ^u^♥♥♥♥♥ To be honest the thought of the AKB48 girls, let alone Takamina, dressing up for Halloween never crossed my mind (and I was half out of the holiday spirit because I had to work today and wasn’t able to partake in the fun of dressing up myself), so this was a really nice treat for me to come home to ^^

And in some more good news, after a rather lengthy abscence Takamina updated her blog twice today! It’s rather late where I am right now and I’m probably going to head to bed now since I have an early class tomorrow morning, but you can expect the translations very shortly, hopefully tomorrow! ♥

Takahashi Minami 1st Photobook “Takamina” Scans
September 29, 2010

sapiru-chan over at Stage48 was kind enough to scan Takamina’s entire 1st photobook, “Takamina,” so if you haven’t recieved your copy yet and are just itching to see what the PB is all about, check out the scans here!

Like I said before I have already purchased my copy (and I have another one on the way, which I preordered from HMV months ago and refuse to cancel even though I picked up the book in Kinokuniya already), but I was really hoping to stumble upon scans because the PB simply has some really beautiful and nice images which I want to use to make some graphics (possibly for a new future blog banner?), so I’m really happy that someone took the time to scan it. Thanks so much sapiru-chan! ^_^