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It’s Bow Appreciation Day! (Sort of, not really…)
August 29, 2010

We interupt your regularly scheduled, insightful Tottemo!♥Takamina! updates for this public news demand announcement.


There are smaller bows… on her bow…

Takamina’s fashion just got 10,000 times more awesome, if that’s even possible ❤

Ok, microscopic nano fangasm moment over ^_^


My affection is overflowing non-stop~♫Heavyyy Rotation~!♫
August 29, 2010

NOTE: Since it’s late/very early in the morning and I want to get the review out, I’ll update this post with  PV screencaps later 🙂

So it’s 2:15 am, I move back to campus tomorrow morning, and I should probably be sleeping or at least double checking that I packed everything I needed. Instead I’m deciding to screw such priority and write a much needed review of AKB48’s latest single A-side and PV, Heavy Rotation.

Although I’m only going to talk about the one song in this entry, I’m just going to sidetrack a bit and talk about the physical CD itself for a second.
Money has been pretty tight with me lately (especially after I preordered Takamina’s solo calendar, photobook, and No Sleeves’ first album, plus I’m saving up for a bass guitar), but I went to Kinokuniya the other day and shelves were stocked with copies of Heavy Rotation, so of course I couldn’t resist. I decided to only buy one of the two editions at the time, and through a series of scientific processes I went with Limited Edition A. Why?
  1. Takamina is on the back cover!
  2. I was still obsessing over the adorableness that is Yasai Sisters at the time, so I wanted to buy the edition with that song, and
  3. I like the Limited Edition A cover more than Limited Edition B xD

To be honestly I only planned on buying that one edition, but it wasn’t until I got home that I remembered that Takamina’s Issho ni Koreichi! clip is on the Type B version, I want Lucky Seven on my iPod, and I forgot I wanted to watch the rest of the election documentary (damn you AKS for forcing us to buy both versions!). Luckily I need to go back to Kinokuniya to pick up my Heavy Rotation bonuses since they didn’t have it in the store at the time, so it all works out ^_^

But anyaaay, I digress. HR review time! ^^


Takahashi Minami Solo Calendar 2011 Updates!!!
August 28, 2010

Ok, so more news on the upcoming release of Takamina’s 2011 solo calendar! First of all, the cover has been revealed!:

I… I am seriously drooling :-Q______. Like honestly, the cover is GORGEOUS. First of all, it’s Takamina, in all her pretty, cool, super awesomeness. Second, there’s bows all over the place, and if it’s one thing that comes to mind when I think about Takamina, it’s bows and ribbons (followed by skulls, haha). I’m also loving the little bow on top of the second “i” in her first name – so adorable! ❤ I’m also loving all the shinyness and sparklieness of the bows – it’s not only really cute but also very eyecatching. I also love all the blue and green. To be honest I don’t like the way certain shades of green look on Takamina (although anything looks good on Takamina), but I think they chose great colors that Takamina really works (especially the bow on top of her head – rock that Takamina!). The fact that her name is written in blue (and one of my favorite shades of blue too) also make it very lovely.

Cover grade: A++++

I so can’t wait to see the rest of the calendar 😀

However, unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait a little while longer now. On a note so awesome note, the release of the calendar (along with a majority of the other AKB girls’ calendars) has been pushed back from September 30th to October 6th. Not too terrible, because it’s only a week’s delay, but still – it’s Takamina, so even a week is torture. Not to mention I also ordered my calendar with Takamina’s first PB and No Sleeves’ first album, which has also been postponed, so that pushes my recieving the PB back. However I know it’s definitely going to worth the wait, and since it’s Takamina I can hold out for her sake.

On a plus note September and October are just around the corner, so hopefully as time goes by we’ll be getting a few more previews 🙂

T♥T! Update 8/25/10
August 25, 2010

Hello everyone! I just wanted to apoligize for the lack of updates this past week – my Internet completely crashed and I was unable to get online. However I was finally able to fix it, so now things should up and running as usual, including upcoming blog posts. I’ve been working on a few entries, so keep your eyes peeled for lucious, insane, Takamina-licious updates throughout the week 🙂

We now return to our regularly scheduled Takamina fangirl blog entries ❤

“When I grow up I want to become cabbage!” Takamina’s dream finally come true in “Yasai Sisters” PV
August 16, 2010

It took her 16 years, but Takamina has finally become cabbage!

Don’t get the reference? Well, back when AKB48 first started out in, and the girls were given the chance to release their own private videos.  In Takamina’s, she shared a video from when she was three years old. When she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Takamina responded with…

How freaking adorable is that??? (And look how cute she was when she was a baby!) <333 Well, Takamina’s dream has finally come true with the release of AKB’s latest PV, Yasai Sisters.

We actually got a taste (hahaha, no pun intended) of Yasai Sisters a few months ago when AKB48 collabed with Kagome, a Japanese drink brand, to promote some sort of vegetable beverage. A couple commercials, along with a making of and some individual videos of the girls drinking the veggie juice, were released. From what I heard I thought the song was adorable, so I was so happy when it was announced that Yasai Sisters would be one of the B-sides on AKB’s upcoming single, Heavy Rotation. Now I’m even more ecstatic now that the PV has been released and we got to see a whole 3 and a half minutes of Takamina (and AKB) veggie goodness! ^^

V-E-G-E-T-A-B-LES! Watch it here on Youku!

I thought the commericals were cute and subliminal messaging enough, but the PV seriously makes me want to hop on a plane to Japan and buy every carton of Kagome veggie juice out there. Seriously, it’s so effing adorable <333 The beginning is so cute too (Acchan falling off of a tomato plant xD) but as usual my eyes were kept naturally on the look out for Takamina.

First shot of her! Twirling around with the other veggie girls, Takamina looks so tiny and fun sized standing next to Yukirin ^^

Next is a two shot with Acchan (Tomatos and cabbage… can anyone say the perfect salad ingredients? ^^)

If encouraging people to eat more healthy was a goal of the song/campaign/PV, then it’s definitely working. Want. Veggies. NOW.

I’ll take ten million boxes of the Taka Cabbage in the front, thank you ^.^

More TakaAcchan love.

My favorite shot in the whole PV. Cabbage never looked so adorable <3333333

And basically so are the Takamina hilights of the PV. The rest of the PV includes scenes of the girls dancing (Takamina can be easily spotting next to Acchan in the front), being thrown into a blender, and then being blending into yummy yummy veggie juice.

TL;DR: Yasai Sisters is perhaps, while rather simple, one of the most adorable AKB48 Pvs ever, and Takamina is the cutest cabbage on the planet.

And on that note, excuse me while I go through my refigerator for ingredients for my lunch tomorrow: julienne vegetables ^_^

AKB48 Official Trading Cards ~Takahashi Minami Solo Box~
August 15, 2010

I finally was able to track down a binder and trading card sleeves today (thank you Staples!) sp I decided to take pictures of my Takamina trading cards after I put them all nice and new in my binder ^_^ I would have taken pictures of them sooner, as I recieved my box back at the beginning of the week, however when I got my box I just opened it up to take a quick look at the cards, see which special ones I got, and then I put everything back, deciding not to touch them until I had the cards sleeves to put them in. Unfortunately for me I had only taken a picture of the box itself at the time, so I had to wait to take pictures of the card themselves (thus makistar beat me to posting pictures of the cards themselves). However, I’m so happy I found the binder and card sleeves today, and finally have the chance to share my pictures with everyone!

Without further adieu, here are the pictures of my cards and some info on what they’re like:


Takamina’s first seiyuu role!
August 13, 2010

Well, sort of ^^;

Takamina has been chosen to voice the role of “the little girl” in Dragon Ball Kai! Even though the role is small this is still great news, and considering how much Takamina loves Dragon Ball she must be elated to have this little opportunity to voice act.

The episode will be broadcasted on September 5th. I can’t wait to watch it!


Many thanks to Criss for posting the news first.

Better Late Than Never!: Chobi’s Review on A6 “Mokugekisha” Shonichi
August 13, 2010

So I’ve been sick for almost a week now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the only good that comes out of being under the weather is that being under house arrest gives you (well me, at least) a chance to rest up, gather your thoughts, and work on some writing.
So I figure while I cook up some ideas for short stories and fan fictions, I may as well write a review for Team A’s new stage, complete with Takamina-centric review and picspam ^_^

Set List
00. Miniskirt no Yosei (Zenza Girls)
01. Mokugekisha
02. Zenjin Mitou
03. Ibitsu na Shinju
04. Akogare no Popstar
05. Ude wo Kunde (Nakaya Sayaka, Maeda Atsuko, Kuramochi Asuka)
06. Enjou Rousen (Takajo Aki, Sashihara Rino)
07. Itoshisa no Akuseru (Takahashi Minami)
08. Hoshi no Mukougawa (Nakata Chisato, Kojima Haruna, Oota Aika, Iwasa Misaki)
09. Saboten to Gold Rush (Ooya Shizuka, Katayama Haruka, Maeda Ami, Shinoda Mariko, Matsubara Natsumi, Nakagawa Haruka)
10. Utsukushiki Mono
11. Ai wo Kure
12. Matenrou no Kyori
13. Inochi no Imi
14. I’m crying
15. Zutto Zutto
16. Pioneer

First let me just say that I’m terribly sorry for the delay in post this; I rewatched the stage a few times in order to gather as much detail about the songs and performances as possible. I also decided to take screencaps, which also was time consuming, and writing the review in general look a lot longer than I thought (about 2 or 3 days of writing and 7 full Word document pages ^^;). But anyway, I’ll shut up now: Let Chobi’s long ass review begin! A6 IKUZEEE!!!!!!


Newsflash!: Takahashi Minami 1st Solo Photobook & 2011 Solo Calendar
August 11, 2010


Ok, so the news was released 5 days ago, but I figured it’s more than worthy enough to post here. 

Can it be? Yes, it’s true! Takamina will be releasing her first solo photobook, entitled 『たかみな』(Takamina). The photobook is scheduled to be released on September 22 and will be priced at 1200 JPY, so roughly around $14. Judging by the relatively cheap price it will be a soft cover, 128 pages, A5 sized, and will also include a bonus photo (out of the 3 available). 


Special thanks to makistar over at Stage48 for originally posting the news! 

This is both surprising and very excited news! As the majority of AKB fans know, Takamina tends to be kept more “covered up” in photoboots in comparison to her fellow AKB members (Personally I think this is more due to her self image than anything else (from her Shukan AKB 100 Questions, she tends to have a rather poor look on herself and isn’t confident with some things, claiming she’s not ‘girly.’)) So yeah, the possiblity of a photobook always seemed like a dream that would never happen, so I’m overflowing with joy that it’s finally becoming a reality! ^^ 

I never preorder things, NEVER, but this is just too good to be true that I’m going to have to break out of my no preordering shell. (I’m even half tempted to order 3 copies just for a chance to get all the photos xD). Countdown to September 22nd, START NOW! 😀 

UPDATE 8/11: According to Takamina’s blog, there will be NO swimsuit photos in her photobook (Once again credit goes to makistar for posting the news first):


As if the initial excitement wasn’t enough, now I’m REALLY excited to see this PB! ❤

Next order of business: Takamina will also be releasing her first solo calendar! Every year AKB48 releases a group calendar and a few of the girls get to release their own solo calendars as well. As if the photobook wasn’t enough, this is double good news ^^ Like the other calendars, Takamina’s solo calendar will be released on September 30th, be priced at 2415 JPY (roughly $28), and be B2 sized. 


Thanks to mihipyon at Stage48 for dropping the news first! 

AKB48 2010 Visual Book 48 Questions – Takahashi Minami
August 10, 2010

Hana over at Nihongogo and Stage48 has kindly been translating the AKB48 2010 Visual Book Questionaries, and she’s finally gotten up to Takamina! Let’s see what the fearless Team A captain has to say!