No Sleeves featured in Special Oricon Interview

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Just like how Takamina was featured in a very lengthy, insightful, picture filled interview back when her 1st photobook was released, No Sleeves was recently featured in a Special Oricon Interview as well! It features interviews with the group as a whole, asks the members individual questions, and also include a lovely photo gallery. Check it out on the Oricon website over here, or just check out the images of Takamina and No Sleeves here:

I think what’s really interested is that the article does not only feature an interview, but also mini Q&A sessions and more interview questions in the days approaching the album’s release date.  Here’s a translation of Takamina interview on December 22nd, translated by Saya on Stage48.

Q. What kind of person do you (Takamina) see Kojiharu as?
【Takamina】Nyannyan is just as she looks, my paced. But there are times when I am saved by her my pace-ness.
Because I am the type who gets really really nervous, during those times she tells me “It’s alright.” It doesn’t have a base, but I am saved by that “It’s alright.”
【Kojiharu】 That’s because Takamina thinks about anything deeply~.
【Takamina】Thinking too much becomes really bad feeling.
【Kojiharu】 I am the type who doesn’t really think about stuff to deeply.

Q. What kind of person do you (Takamina) see Miichan as?
【Takamina】“The younger sister.” Even though I dislike it, I really think it would be nice to have this kind of little sister. She’s like a cat, like a free and selfish/willful tsundere. When she wants to be spoiled/fawned upon, she is, there are also times when she acts rude. (not sure about that last part)
【Miichan】 But when I go over, Takamina runs away!
【Takamina】 You’ve got it wrong. I am just waving about a little, sometimes being nice, it’s cute so it’s good.
【Miichan】That’s gross! (laugh)
【Takamina】You always hate that. (laugh)
【Miichan】 Takamina likes cats!, huh?
【Takamina】 Because I can’t keep cats, I am satisfied with Miichan!

I thought both mini interviews were very cute, and it’s a great chance for the fans to read about how the girls interact. I also think Takamina described Kojiharu and Miichan perfectly. I remember in the 2010 Team A Visual Book Kojiharu was voted the “My Pace” King out of all the Team A members, so I thought about that and giggled to myself when I saw Takamina said that ^_^ Kojiharu also seems like that kind of cool, laid back kind of person. I also thought the banter between Miichan and Takamina was hysterical xD I also felt bad whenever I rewatch Takamina’s private video and she tells the fans about her cats, and then says that she’s allergic. It’s adorable to know that Miichan is like a little to Takamina, and I think that also makes Miichan’s cuteness level rise even further ^u^

Anyway the interviews seem really fun to read and check out, so keep frequenting the Oricon page as No Sleeves’ album release date approaches to read the other interviews! ❤ And remember – the album hits stores on January 1st, 2011, so preorder your copy today!


Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas everybody!

 I hope everyone has a great day today ^^ As a present to all of you, here’s a mini Christmas Takamina picspam!

Merry ***ing Christmas indeed!

Team Ogi Matsuri Concert Gets Special DVD Boxset Release

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So, do you guys remember the Team Ogi Matsuri Event that Takamina and No Sleeves participated in back in September on the 15th and 16th? Well if you don’t I suggest you revisit here and here and get to fangirling with me because our prayers have been answered – the Team Ogi Matsuri is getting a Special DVD Boxset release! ❤ 


Here’s some information about preordering and the release date:

Release date:

Pre-order start:
2010/12/17 (Web/Mobile)
2010/12/18 (AKB48 Shop)

8,562 yen (Before tax)

Special Box Contents:
Disc 1 – 9/15 Concert
Disc 2 – 9/16 Concert
Disc 3 – Making
3 random trading cards (out of 13 total)

*Disc 1 & 2 are also sold separately for 3,800 yen each and include 1 trading card.

And here are the set lists:

Disk 1 (Day 1)

 01. overture (Team Ogi Ver.)
02. 3seconds (Persona [no3b])
03. Christmas Present (Persona [no3b])
04. Seishun no Flag (WH + BD: Komori, Iwasa, Matsubara, Nonaka)
05. Gyu (WH)
06. Kanpeki Guu no ne (Takahashi, Minegishi, Kojima, Urano, Matsubara)
07. Hatsukoi Dash (WH)
08. Lie (no3b + Itou Asako)
09. Kaze no Violin (Watanabe)
10. Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate (Nonaka, Oota, Hirajima)
11. Kataomoi no Taikakusen (Komori, Matsubara, Iwasa)
12. Kiseki wa Yoru Umareru (Takahashi)
13. Chuu Shiyouze! (Kojima, Minegishi, Takahashi, Matsubara, Kikuchi, Komori + Idoling!!!’s Yokoyama Rurika)
14. Tengoku Yarou (Urano, Nakagawa, Hirajima, Nonaka)
15. Relax (no3b)
16. Kimi Shika (no3b)
17. Tane (Watanabe, Oota, Iwasa)
18. Heart no Ondo (Nonaka, Hirajima, Matsubara)
19. Kiss no Ryuusei (Nakagawa, Komori, Kikuchi)
20. Girls’ talk
21. Bye Bye Bye
22. Aitakatta (All)
23. Bus Stop (All)
22. Te no hira (All)

Disk 2 (Day 2)

01. overture (Team Ogi Ver.)
02. Yaruki Hanabi (WH)
03. Junai no Crescendo (no3b)
04. Kiss no Ryuusei (no3b)
05. Kagami no Naka no Joan of Arc (Kikuchi, Matsubara, Urano, Komori, Nonaka)
06. Mugiwara de Dance (Urano, Oota, Hirajima + Ikuina Akiko)
07. Ajisai Bashi (Iwasa + Jounouchi Sanae)
08. Toki no Kawa wo Koete (no3b)
09. Gyu (WH)
10. Kanpeki Guu no ne (WH)
11. Kiseki wa Yoru Umareru (Takahashi)
12. Gyakuten Oujisama (Minegishi, Komori, Nonaka)
13. Hoshi no Mukougawa (Kojima, Oota, Iwasa, Matsubara)
14. Nantai Renai Kuragekko (Watanabe)
15. Kimishika (no3b)
16. Tane (no3b)
17. Seishun no Komorebi (no3b)
18. Hatsukoi Dash (Nonaka, Matsubara, Iwasa, Komori + Ikuina Akiko)
19. Gomennasai (WH)
20. Hashiritai GO! GO! GO! (WH)
21. Akkanbe Bashi (All)
22. Hikoukigumo (All)
23. Bus stop (All)
24. Te no hira (All)
I… am so excited for this release, you have no idea. My heart is about to explode :cute::cute::cute: OMFG I AM TOTALLY SPENDING WHATEVER CHRISTMAS MONEY I GET ON THIS [rock][rock][rock] I absolutely LOVED No Sleeves’ performance of Toki no Kawa wo Koete, so I’m really looking forward to seeing that, plus seeing Takamina in Kanpeki Guu no ne, and live performances of Kiseki wa Yoru Umareru and 3 seconds, and… gyah~!!! *melts into a puddle*
To be honest I’ve never really wanted to buy any AKB48 concert boxsets before (Except for Team A’s AKB48 Zenkoku Tour “AKB ga yattekita!!” DVD that just came out, which I NEED to have because A6 is like my favorite stage ever and I need to see Matenryou no Kyori live), so I really, really want to get my hands on this baby! ^^ Unfortunately I need to do some more Christmas shopping and pay off some charges for gifts I bought people, but thank god Christmas is around the corner, plus I’ll be working over break, so I should be able to order this in no time, fingers crossed! ^^
If you’re like me and are absolutely freaking out over this, you can order your copy of the DVD Boxset, or buy both DVDs seperately, from Remember, the DVD goes on sale January 20th –  Snag your copies as soon as possible! 🙂

T♥T! Update: Tottemo♥Takamina! is back in action! (12/17/10)

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Hello everybody! Here’s a quick T♥T! Update.

Again I would like to apoligize for the lack of updates in these past few weeks – I have been really busy with college, and this past week I had my final exams. HOWEVER, I am officially finally done with the semester, so expect the usual onslaught of blog translations, news posts, and reviews in the weeks to come!

Thanks to everyone for being so patient with me as I travelled from Hell and in these past months – here’s to more T♥T! in the weeks and New Year to come!

No Sleeves’ First Album “No Sleeves” Tracklists

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The tracklists have finally been revealed for No Sleeves’ first album “No Sleeves”! (Source: Check them out!

Type-A: Kojima Haruna feature version


01. Relax!
02. キスの流星 (Kiss no Ryuusei)
03. 3seconds Remix
04. ハート型ウイルス [no3b ver.] (Heart Gata Virus [no3b ver.])
05. Bye Bye Bye
06. Cloudy sky [小嶋陽菜ソロ曲] (Kojima Haruna solo song)
07. 純愛のクレッシェンド (Junai no Crescendo)
08. クリスマスプレゼント Remix (Christmas Present Remix)
09. Lie
10. タネ (Tane)
11. 嘘でしょ?~七里ガ浜の七不思議~ [ガールズ・ING] (Usho desho? ~Shichirigahama no Nanafushigi~ [Girls・ING])

Type-B: Takahashi Minami feature version

01. Relax!
02. キスの流星 (Kiss no Ryuusei)
03. 3seconds Remix
04. ハート型ウイルス [no3b ver.] (Heart Gata Virus [no3b ver.])
05. Bye Bye Bye
06. 奇跡は夜生まれる [高橋みなみソロ曲] (Kiseki wa Yoru Umareru [Takahashi Minami solo song])
07. 純愛のクレッシェンド (Junai no Crescendo)
08. クリスマスプレゼント Remix (Christmas Present Remix)
09. Lie
10. タネ (Tane)
11. Next heaven(アニメ「アイドル合体ロボ ~ミナミナハルの戦い~」 主題歌) [EYES] (Anime “Idol Gattai Robo ~Minaminaharu no Tatakai~ Opening Theme [EYES])

Type-C: Minegishi Minami feature version

01. Relax!
02. キスの流星 (Kiss no Ryuusei)
03. 3seconds Remix
04. ハート型ウイルス [no3b ver.] (Heart Gata Virus [no3b ver.])
05. Bye Bye Bye
06. 私は私 [峯岸みなみソロ曲] (Watashi wa Watashi [Minegishi Minami solo song])
07. 純愛のクレッシェンド (Junai no Crescendo)
08. クリスマスプレゼント Remix (Christmas Present Remix)
09. Lie
10. タネ (Tane)
11. 尺が欲しい [恋愛運上昇団] (Shaku ga Hoshii [Renai un Joushoudan])

Normal versions (Limited CD+DVD and CD Only)

01. Relax!
02. キスの流星(Kiss no Ryuusei)
03. 3seconds Remix
04. ハート型ウイルス [no3b ver.] (Heart Gata Virus [no3b ver.])
05. Bye Bye Bye
06. 純愛のクレッシェンド (Junai no Crescendo)
07. クリスマスプレゼント Remix (Christmas Present Remix)
08. Lie
09. タネ (Tane)
10. Next heaven(アニメ「アイドル合体ロボ ~ミナミナハルの戦い~」 主題歌) [EYES] (Anime “Idol Gattai Robo ~Minaminaharu no Tatakai~ Opening Theme [EYES])
11. 尺が欲しい [恋愛運上昇団] (Shaku ga Hoshii [Renai un Joushoudan])
12. 嘘でしょ?~七里ガ浜の七不思議~ [ガールズ・ING] (Usho desho? ~Shichirigahama no Nanafushigi~ [Girls・ING])

… I predict that this album will sell a million copies. WITH TRACKLISTS LIKE THESE THEY HAVE TO. <3<3<3

I’m a little upset that we don’t have any new original group songs (Junai no Crescendo and Bye Bye are old AKB stage songs, the Pigg Events song are not no3b originals, etc.), but unf, the solo songs and no3b version of Heart Gata Virus totally make up for it!!!! <333333333333 To be honest after looking at the tracklist I’m surprise Renai Kinshi Jourei isn’t on there as well (If you took out Myao it was would have been No Sleeves singing it), but still – Heart Gata Virus (no3b ver.) DEFINITELY makes up for it :cute::cute::cute: I fucking love Heart Gata Virus, so that being on the tracklist totally made my day. That and the Takamina solo… ok, so we knew for months it was going to be on there, BUT STILL, UNF <33333

There are a couple of things I do dislike about the tracklist though. In addition to having no original new group songs I’m upset Kimi Shika isn’t included (It;s my favorite No Sleeves single <3<3<3). I’m also not too keen on the Persona remixes being on there (I’d prefer the originals), but it’s lovely seeing them on there ^_^ I’m also a tad confused about how the Pigg songs (Usho desho?, Next heaven, Shaku ga Hoshii) are going to work as well – I’m assuming they’re going to be No Sleeves versions of them, but still, it’s definitely interesting to see them on there.

Overall, despite some personal critiques I have with the tracklists, I am very impressed and even more excited about this release now. While I’d love to have all versions be apart of my collection, I will probably only buy / ask for Takamina’s version and the Limited CD+DVD version since I’m a poor college student xD

No news has been revealed yet about the DVD contents of the album, but if it’s anything like typical No Sleeves I predict that they’ll be a recording making of, a jacket shooting making of, and maybe some PVs thrown in there as well. In either event the tracklist has wet my appetite for now, and I’ll be even more stoked when the DVD content is revealed.

Can you tell that I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for this to come out? xD 2011 is going to start off epic [rock] [rock] [rock]

No Sleeves’ First Album “No Sleeves” Bigger Album Covers

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I’m in love with them now more than ever :cute::cute::cute: Must. Resist. Selling soul to Devil. To. Buy. All Editions. XD

Happy 2nd Anniversary No Sleeves! ♥♥♥

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Happy 2nd Anniversary No Sleeves! ❤ [party][party][party]

Although the group was technically announced on September 3rd 2008, 2 years ago today, on November 26th 2008, No Sleeves’ released their first single, “Relax!”. [party][party][party] Now, two years later, they already have starred in two dramas (Mendol and Kotodama no Onnatachi), have released 5 singles, and are expected to release their first album in January.

Haruna blogged about their anniversary today, and I’ve translated the entry here:

Anniversary (・v・)Kojima

November 26。。。ハート

Today is 2 years since No Sleeves debuted with “Relax!”ハートキラキラ(ピンク色)

It’s already been 2 years, huh。。(бвб)

I feel like we were always together before our debut, together every day, and now its 2 years later. (бвб)電球(点滅)

(Some I have omitted)アセアセ2 LOL

On January 1st
We’ll be releasing!!アセアセ2our much anticipated first album
Our 3rd year, more activities, I want to be active!!

I think(∵)

And to all of you who have supported us,

Thank you alwaysデレデレキラキラ(ピンク色)
From now on please treat us well!!

I love youハート

From Haruna(・v・)ノ

Chobi’s Note: I translated the title of the blog entry as “Anniversary” because the  Japanese title of the blog entry is いいふろのひ, which literally means “repeating day” (いいふるす means to say repeatedly). If anyone can think of a better translation let me know!

Anyway, Congratulations No Sleeves! ♥♥♥ The girls have been doing great these past two years, so here’s to wishing they continue to succeed for two more, and two after than, and two after that, and two after that ^^ がんばって ください!!! ♥♥♥

No Sleeves’ First Album Covers and Details!

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More information has been revealed about No Sleeves’ self-titled first album, No Sleeves, which is going to be released on January 1st 2011!  ♥ I’m really excited for this release because not only is No Sleeves my favorite subgroup (c’mon, my top 3 AKB girls are in it!  ♥), but also because it’s a great way to ring in the new year. And as we’ve learned from previous years (*cough* Greatest Songs ~2006 – 1007~ *cough*), good things are certain to come when AKB48 or any of its subgroups snag a release date on the first day of a new year 🙂

But anyway, I’m blathering on – check out the gorgeous album covers!

The first is the normal edition cover, followed by the Limited CD+DVD cover, and then we have the three member version covers – Takamina’s, Kojiharu’s, and Miichan’s respectively. Personally, I absolutely adore all of the covers – I love the simple, girly look they’re going for, and the blue and the brown colors in the font look really nice against the white. My absolutely favorite covers though are the Limited Edition one and, of course, Takamina’s solo cover ♥ (Her HAIR and the BOW ♥♥♥ So. effing. CUTE! >u<)

In addition to the covers, there has also been some information going around about the tracklists. (Thanks to Jasey on Stage48 for sharing the news first)

Version A:
– Kojima Haruna Solo “Cloudy Sky”
– GirlsING “Uso desho? ~Shichirigahama no Nanafushigi” (Team Pigg Unit Song)

Version B:
– Takahashi Minami Solo “Kiseki wa Yoru Umareru”
– EYES “Next Heaven” (Team Pigg Unit Song) Theme Song for Anime “Idol Gattai Robo ~ Minaminaharu no Tatakai~

Version C:
– Minegishi Minami Solo “Watashi wa Watashi”
– Renai Unjoshodan “Shaku ga Hoshii” (Team Pigg Unit Song)

– 3 Pigg Songs

I. am. freaking. STOKED! Let me just say that I’ve been wanted to hear all the Pigg songs since the titles were revealed, especially “Next Heaven” and “Uso Deshou?” (Natsuki! <3), so to hear that they are going to be on the album as solo songs is going to be great. I also feel like the girls’ original solo songs really match their personalities well ^^ News has also been going around since the album was originally announced that Junai no Crescendo and Bye Bye Bye would also be on there, so I’m having my fingers crossed for that ❤ In either event it seems as if we’re really going to have a packed album with No Sleeves’ singles, solo songs, Persona songs, old AKB songs, and hopefully some brand new group songs are well ♥♥♥

Hopefully the official tracklist will be revealed soon, but in the meantime what we have already is great too look forward to! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I might end up putting one of the editions on my Christmas list, but to be honest I love the Limited Edition and Takamina’s version covers so much that I might just buy them both (≧▽≦)

Remember, the album hits stores on January 1st, 2011, so preorder your copy today!

T♥T! Update (11/21/10)

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Hey everyone! Here’s a brief T♥T! Update:

OMG. I feel so horrible for not updating in a while T__T. I seriously thought it was only a week since I last updated, but I just checked and it’s been like… two. I fail at life. I’ve been really busy with school, and the fact that Takamina has been blogging like a DEMON lately doesn’t help (but on the bright side, it’s great to see that she’s blogging so much! :D).

But I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive (just barely lol), and I wanted to apoligize for the lack of updates as of late. I would also just like to say that I have Thanksgiving break this week, which starts on Wednesday, so I’m going to be using this week to catch up on homework assignments (possibly get some done in advanced) and work on some blog entries and try to catch up on translating Takamina’s blog entries.

In the meantime stay tuned and just be patient a little while longer! ♥

This is Takahashi Minami☆ On a generous impulse this is the second post of the day (LOL) (2010-11-01)

November 5, 2010 - 5 Responses

It’s sunnyyyy
I thought, then it started rainingggg

I wonder how it is in Tokyo

That’s right…

Us in No Sleeves

went to the Gifu prefecture

Gifu was cool
We went on location

It was cold and the rain was falling so hard, but anyhow it was still fun
Particularly afterwards~

Speaking of which!

I also need to wake up early tomorrow
Good niiight~

Translator’s Note: I couldn’t figure out what the heck the blog title meant (something along the lines of “Second post of the day”? Not entirely sure…) so I’m leaving it in the Japanese for now until I figure it out ^^; Problem solved! As usual thanks goes to BORNTORUN for helping me correct some of the translation!