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T♥T! Update (1/11/11)
January 11, 2011

Hello everyone! Here’s a quick T♥T! update!

My computer and internet decided to ring in the new year by both crapping out on me, so that’s why updates have been so delayed. I’m terribly sorry about that! >< Also I’m not cool and don’t have a smart phone, so updating with mobile web wasn’t an option for me.

However everything is in working order, so we now return to your regularly schedule Takamina filled updates 🙂


Tottemo♥Takamina! News!: 10,000 Hits, AKB48 TopList, & More!
December 26, 2010

Hello everyone! Sorry to temporarily interrupt the splurge of awesome Takamina-filled posts, but I’m happy to announce that Tottemo♥Takamina! has recently passed the 10,000 hit mark with 10,458 hits!

When I first started this blog back towards the end of August, I was worried and reluctant at first. I’ve always wanted to start an idol blog, but I always held myself back, thinking “Who would want to read anything I write?” But then I realized that there really weren’t any Takamina fansites out there, so I wanted to create a blog to post Takamina, AKB48, and No Sleeves related news and unite fellow Takamina fans under a common roof. I’m glad I’ve been able to do so in these past 4 months :flower:

Once again I’d  like to thank all of the awesome Takamina fans and people who follow this blog – you guys pwn and are the reason for this entry [party] And of course thanks also goes out to Minami Takahashi, the idol who this blog is dedicated to. Because without Takamina, there would be no T♥T! 🙂  <3 <3 <3

Now onto the second announcement: Tottemo♥Takamina! has been added to the AKB48 TopList!

For those of you who are unfamilar with it, the AKB48 TopList is this cool site that lists various AKB48 blogs, and people are allowed to vote on their favorites to raise their favorite blog’s ranking. AKB48 Toplist can be found here, and you can vote for Tottemo♥Takamina! by clicking on the following button:

AKB48 Websites

Also if you would like to provide insight or recommendations to improve Tottemo♥Takamina! – what you would like to see more of, etc. – feel free to leave your feedback in a comment on this entry!

T♥T! Update: Tottemo♥Takamina! is back in action! (12/17/10)
December 17, 2010

Hello everybody! Here’s a quick T♥T! Update.

Again I would like to apoligize for the lack of updates in these past few weeks – I have been really busy with college, and this past week I had my final exams. HOWEVER, I am officially finally done with the semester, so expect the usual onslaught of blog translations, news posts, and reviews in the weeks to come!

Thanks to everyone for being so patient with me as I travelled from Hell and in these past months – here’s to more T♥T! in the weeks and New Year to come!

T♥T! Update (11/21/10)
November 21, 2010

Hey everyone! Here’s a brief T♥T! Update:

OMG. I feel so horrible for not updating in a while T__T. I seriously thought it was only a week since I last updated, but I just checked and it’s been like… two. I fail at life. I’ve been really busy with school, and the fact that Takamina has been blogging like a DEMON lately doesn’t help (but on the bright side, it’s great to see that she’s blogging so much! :D).

But I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive (just barely lol), and I wanted to apoligize for the lack of updates as of late. I would also just like to say that I have Thanksgiving break this week, which starts on Wednesday, so I’m going to be using this week to catch up on homework assignments (possibly get some done in advanced) and work on some blog entries and try to catch up on translating Takamina’s blog entries.

In the meantime stay tuned and just be patient a little while longer! ♥

T♥T! Update (10/23/10)
October 23, 2010

Hello everyone! Here’s a quick T♥T! update.

I’d just like to apoligize for the lack of posts in the past week. I had like three midterms and an insane amount of work on my plate, however I think my workload is going to be a little bit lighter (at least for this week, haha), so stayed tuned for your regularly scheduled T♥T! fangirl-filled updates ^_^

If it’s any consultation I’m working on a few translations at the moment. No blog entries unfortunately, since Takamina hasn’t updated since my last translation, but a few people requested a couple small news articles regarding Takamina to be translated. I’m also still trying to work on the Oricon Interview in my spare time, but sadly they use a lot of kanji and colloquial Japanese which makes it hard to understand, but I hope in due time to have the whole thing translated at some point ^^

But yup, just wanted to let everyone know why there have been a lack of updates as of late, and to look forward to a bunch during this week! ♥

T♥T! Two Month-a-versary! Thanks for the 5,000 views! ♥
October 12, 2010

Wow. This…. this is just incredible. :cute: Tottemo!♥Takamina! has been up for exactly two months and has already recieved a little over 5,000 views~!  <3 <3 <3 [party] 

Seriously, words can’t really express how happy I am right now. One of the main things I was skeptical about while I was debating to create Tottemo♥Takamina! was whether anyone was going to care about reading it. Sure, there are a bunch of members of the TakaArmy out there, but my initial thought was “Who’s going to care / want to read my blog?” I didn’t think I’d have anything extraordinary or great to say, and even if I did I didn’t see what would set my blog apart and catch people’s attention into reading it. 

However, it seems as if I’ve been proven wrong. I’m not sure if in this day and age, with internet blogging slowly evolving and pulling a survival of the fittest over newsprint and broadcasted news, if 5,000 views means anything over the span of two months, but to me it seems like a pretty awesome feat. :chuffed: So to everyone who periodically checks up on Tottemo♥Takamina!, or even if you’ve just come across it in passing, thank you. Thank you for all the comments, all the feedback, and all the positive feedback and encouragement with the translations I do. One of the greatest joys of having a fanblog, or even just being a fan of someone or something, is finding fellow fans to talk and bond with, so thanks for showing me that I’m not alone and for the fond memories and I have had and will continue to make in the future. You guys are awesome. :flower:

And last but not least, I’d like to thank the girl who made this all possible, Minami Takahashi. Because without Takamina, there would be no T♥T!. So thanks for being so amazing Takamina, and here’s to more fangasming in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. <3 <3 <3

T♥T! Update 9/6/10
September 6, 2010

Hey everyone! Just wanted to make an announcement that yes, indeed, I am well and alive! Terribly sorry for the absence of updates in the past week – I moved back to college and had to deal with the insanity that was my first week, fixing my class schedule, plus my internet up at school was on the fritz (I just that’s what I get for going to a school with a campus and buildings that are 10,000 years old and relies on ethernet cables and shitty dorm access ports for internet access…). HOWVER I just wanted to reassure everyone that I’m back, my internet is all fixed, and Tottemo♥Takamina! is back in order!

I’m sorry I have to keep apologizing for issues I keep having, but I hope there are still some Takamina and AKB fans out there who actually read this blog and like my posts (Please don’t give up on me! ><), so I just wanted to keep you guys updated! We now return to your regularly scheduled T♥T! fangirl fest! ♥

T♥T! Update 8/25/10
August 25, 2010

Hello everyone! I just wanted to apoligize for the lack of updates this past week – my Internet completely crashed and I was unable to get online. However I was finally able to fix it, so now things should up and running as usual, including upcoming blog posts. I’ve been working on a few entries, so keep your eyes peeled for lucious, insane, Takamina-licious updates throughout the week 🙂

We now return to our regularly scheduled Takamina fangirl blog entries ❤

TakaWho? A few questions explained
August 10, 2010

I suppose before we dive into the heavy stuff, I’ll start off with explaining a few things, i.e. who is Minami Takahashi, why her, who am I, and why I decided to start this.

“Tottemo♥Takamina!” – The story beyond the blog title

I wanted to come up with both a cute and catchy title name, and suddenly Tottemo♥Takamina! dawned on me. I loved it from the very beginning, and thought that it perfectly described not only this blog, but Takamina herself. Tottemo (とっても) is Japanese for very or absolutely, and Takamina is Minami Takahashi’s nickname. And that’s what this blog is about – Absolutely Takamina

I also tend to refer to Minami Takahashi as… well, Takamina, so you’ll be seeing it quite a lot ^_^.


とっても♥たかみな! へ ようこそ! Welcome to Tottemo♥Takamina!
August 10, 2010

Hello y’all! Welcome to Tottemo♥Takamina!, a fanblog dedicated to Minami Takahashi (高橋みなみ), also known as the captain of Team A of one of Japan’s biggest and most popular rising idol groups, AKB48. This blog will serve as a newsfeed, shrine, and overall vent for my fangirling over anything and everything Minami Takahashi related, and as a result may feature general AKB48 news as well.

So feel free to kick off your slippers, pop a squat, and sit back and enjoy the posts, pics, and various Takamina goodies that this blog has in store!