It’s Takahashi Minami☆ The 2nd day!!!! (2011-01-22)

Today was the 2nd day of AX

The 2nd day

we announced ranks #75~#51

75: Sougen no Kiseki
74: Yasai Sisters
73: 3seconds
72: Gyu
71: Aozora Kataomoi
70: Kokoro no Hashi no Sofa
69: Namida no Seesaw Game
68: Tenshi no Shippo
67: Arashi no Yoru ni wa
66: Seventeen
65: Honest Man
64: Mayu no Tame ni
63: Sasae
62: Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?
60: Baby! Baby! Baby!
59: Majisuka Rock ‘n Roll
58: Junjou Shugi
57: Tengoku Yarou
56: Nakeru Basho
55: Relax!
54: Tsundere!
53: Korogaru Ishi ni Nare
52: Nagisa no CHERRY
51: Theatre no Megami

EN1 Dear J
EN2 If
EN3 Shuumatsu Not Yet
EN4 Heavy Rotation

Today No Sleeves

got to sing 3seconds and Relax!
Everyone, thank you so much


started off with Tomochin’s debut single

Dear J
Then the single that just went on sale the other day, French Kiss’s new single


And after all of that was said and done, today’s surprise was…
Yuuchan, Yui, Kitarie and Sashihara’s new unit Not Yet and they performed their debut singleShuumatsu NotYet!!

Oh my gosh~ I was so surprised

I could totally dance to it,

it’s really cool and cute

More and more units are coming about!!
No Sleeves will do our best so we won’t lose to them!!!!

Well, see you tomorrow

Good night
Translated by: Kanki@Stage48

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