No Sleeves’ 6th Single “Answer” Preview

It was revealed a little while ago that No Sleeves’ 6th single, “Answer,” was going to be the ending theme for the anime Beelzebub. The anime began airing on January 9th, and with it we were given a sneak peak of “Answer”! Check it out below:

We don’t have much too work off of – as the preview is only a minute and a half long, standard anime ending theme length – but to be honest, I’m really really liking it so far :). No Sleeves hasn’t really had a positively upbeat single in a while in my opinion, I kind to consider “Relax!” and “Kimishika” more mid-tempo and at an even middle ground, while “Kiss no Ryuusei” and “Lie” were more fast paced but kind of had a ‘dark’, more emotional feel to them. Before “Kimishika” came around “Tane” was my favorite No Sleeves’ single, so that’s probably another reason why I enjoy the kind of song “Answer” seems to be.

Plus, Takamina’s vocals are ace as always, and the lyrics sound gorgeous from what I can pick up, and that’s always a deal sealer for me 🙂

The single doesn’t hit stores until March 2nd, so we’re probably going to have to wait a while for a longer preview and/or the PV (fingers crossed they come soon though! <3). In the meantime check out the preview, hope for more teasers soon, and if you like what you hear reserve your copy!


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