No Sleeves’ First Album Covers and Details!

More information has been revealed about No Sleeves’ self-titled first album, No Sleeves, which is going to be released on January 1st 2011!  ♥ I’m really excited for this release because not only is No Sleeves my favorite subgroup (c’mon, my top 3 AKB girls are in it!  ♥), but also because it’s a great way to ring in the new year. And as we’ve learned from previous years (*cough* Greatest Songs ~2006 – 1007~ *cough*), good things are certain to come when AKB48 or any of its subgroups snag a release date on the first day of a new year 🙂

But anyway, I’m blathering on – check out the gorgeous album covers!

The first is the normal edition cover, followed by the Limited CD+DVD cover, and then we have the three member version covers – Takamina’s, Kojiharu’s, and Miichan’s respectively. Personally, I absolutely adore all of the covers – I love the simple, girly look they’re going for, and the blue and the brown colors in the font look really nice against the white. My absolutely favorite covers though are the Limited Edition one and, of course, Takamina’s solo cover ♥ (Her HAIR and the BOW ♥♥♥ So. effing. CUTE! >u<)

In addition to the covers, there has also been some information going around about the tracklists. (Thanks to Jasey on Stage48 for sharing the news first)

Version A:
– Kojima Haruna Solo “Cloudy Sky”
– GirlsING “Uso desho? ~Shichirigahama no Nanafushigi” (Team Pigg Unit Song)

Version B:
– Takahashi Minami Solo “Kiseki wa Yoru Umareru”
– EYES “Next Heaven” (Team Pigg Unit Song) Theme Song for Anime “Idol Gattai Robo ~ Minaminaharu no Tatakai~

Version C:
– Minegishi Minami Solo “Watashi wa Watashi”
– Renai Unjoshodan “Shaku ga Hoshii” (Team Pigg Unit Song)

– 3 Pigg Songs

I. am. freaking. STOKED! Let me just say that I’ve been wanted to hear all the Pigg songs since the titles were revealed, especially “Next Heaven” and “Uso Deshou?” (Natsuki! <3), so to hear that they are going to be on the album as solo songs is going to be great. I also feel like the girls’ original solo songs really match their personalities well ^^ News has also been going around since the album was originally announced that Junai no Crescendo and Bye Bye Bye would also be on there, so I’m having my fingers crossed for that ❤ In either event it seems as if we’re really going to have a packed album with No Sleeves’ singles, solo songs, Persona songs, old AKB songs, and hopefully some brand new group songs are well ♥♥♥

Hopefully the official tracklist will be revealed soon, but in the meantime what we have already is great too look forward to! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I might end up putting one of the editions on my Christmas list, but to be honest I love the Limited Edition and Takamina’s version covers so much that I might just buy them both (≧▽≦)

Remember, the album hits stores on January 1st, 2011, so preorder your copy today!


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