T♥T! Update (11/21/10)

Hey everyone! Here’s a brief T♥T! Update:

OMG. I feel so horrible for not updating in a while T__T. I seriously thought it was only a week since I last updated, but I just checked and it’s been like… two. I fail at life. I’ve been really busy with school, and the fact that Takamina has been blogging like a DEMON lately doesn’t help (but on the bright side, it’s great to see that she’s blogging so much! :D).

But I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive (just barely lol), and I wanted to apoligize for the lack of updates as of late. I would also just like to say that I have Thanksgiving break this week, which starts on Wednesday, so I’m going to be using this week to catch up on homework assignments (possibly get some done in advanced) and work on some blog entries and try to catch up on translating Takamina’s blog entries.

In the meantime stay tuned and just be patient a little while longer! ♥


One Response

  1. OMG, Chobi!!! It’s been so friggin’ long! You finally followed the light to the surface from the afterlife after you got K.O’d from Taka’s blog entries, didn’t cha? XD

    Anyways, good to see you’re alive and well. We miss you around the Takamina thread and such. Don’t hole yourself up again for too long. 🙂

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