This is Takahashi Minami☆ On a generous impulse this is the second post of the day (LOL) (2010-11-01)

It’s sunnyyyy
I thought, then it started rainingggg

I wonder how it is in Tokyo

That’s right…

Us in No Sleeves

went to the Gifu prefecture

Gifu was cool
We went on location

It was cold and the rain was falling so hard, but anyhow it was still fun
Particularly afterwards~

Speaking of which!

I also need to wake up early tomorrow
Good niiight~

Translator’s Note: I couldn’t figure out what the heck the blog title meant (something along the lines of “Second post of the day”? Not entirely sure…) so I’m leaving it in the Japanese for now until I figure it out ^^; Problem solved! As usual thanks goes to BORNTORUN for helping me correct some of the translation!


5 Responses

  1. Yep, Taka’s definitely caught the blogging bug recently.

    Thanks as always. XD

  2. ☆調子こいて本日2コめの更新w
    →☆On a generous impulse this is the second post of the day (laugh)
    *[W] is short for warau (v.) or warai (n.) in Japanese, or laugh in English.

    went to the Gifu
    →went to the Gifu prefecture.

    It’s located in the north
    →We went on location (on Pon?).

    I need your name and address to send you a Beginner pic of Takamina. Email me.

    • Thanks for the help as always! All fixed 🙂 and email has been sent! ^^

      • Sorry, I haven’t get email yet or might delete it by mistake. I beg your pardon, send your name and ad. again to another email ad (********* ) .

      • Hey! Sorry for the delay, I resent the email 🙂

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