Takahashi Minami Solo Calendar 2011 Pictures

My Takahashi Minami Solo 2011 Calendar arrived last week or so, but since I live on campus and I haven’t been home since September and I shipped the calendar to my house, I didn’t have the chance to take pictures of it. However, I went home for a little bit this weekend, and since I don’t remember any decent pictures of the calendar popping up I decided to take some shots of mine to share with everybody ^^

I don’t have a great scanner, and even if I did the calendar pages are far too large to actually scan, so I just took pictures of the pages with my digital camera. I hope this will suffice for now, and I hope that for anyone who hasn’t picked up the calendar yet that these previews will interest you buying it! ^^ So without further ado, check them out!

The calendar goes in the usual Japanese calendar style, with a sort of a ‘cover’ sheet, then each page thereafter featuring two months (leaving for a total of 6 calendar pages), and then a final picture sheet. Personally I always hang on to my favorite pages and the last sheets of my calendars because then I either cut then and use them as posters in my dorm room, or get my absolutely favorite framed to keep in my room at home. I’m going to have trouble deciding with ones from Takamina’s calendar are my favorites though… they’re all just so gorgeous! ❤ I have to admit I’m biased towards July/August, since August is my birth month and I absolutely adore the ribbon-adorned dress Takamina is wearing, but she looks absolutely lovely in all the pictures ^^ I’m probably most likely definitely going to save the last ‘bonus’ sheet though, since Takamina’s pose is awesome, and she manages to look so tsundere-cute and cool all at the same time ^_^ However knowing how I am with Takamina, I might just end up saving the whole darn calendar ^^;


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  1. OMG Takamina cosplaying as Alice!!!! *dead*

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