Takahashi Minami 1st Photobook “Takamina” Ranks at #1 on Oricon Book Charts! (2010-10-21)

A recent article on the Oricon website has revealed that Takamina’s 1st Photobook, “Takamina,” which was released on September 22nd, has ranked at #1 in Oricon’s “book” catagory! I’ve translated the article, which you can read here:

Takahashi Minami First Photobook – AKB Solo 4th First Place Group 

Popular idol group AKB48 Team A Captain, Takahashi Minami’s first solo photobook “Takahashi Minami 1st Photobook Takamina” (Kodansha/released  on September 22nd) has, in the latest 10/25 Oricon “book” ranking,  jumped to first place for the first time in the four weeks that it has been ranking in the photo book category ranking. Other AKB members’ solo photobooks that have ranked at first place include Oshima Yuko’s “Kimi wa, dare no mono?” (Kobunsha, released on September 6th), and Maeda Atsuko’s “Maeda Atsuko Photobook「ATSUKO」” (released on June 21st) and “Maeda Atsuko Photobook「Acchan」” (released on March 8th, both published by Shueisha). 

Born from the group “AKB’s conscience” Takahashi’s first photobook is also supported by members of her fans. The highest ranking in the past was second place when it first appeared in the 10/4 ranking. Then, in the 10/11 and the 10/18 rankings, it continued to rank and maintain a position in the TOP 5 before it entered and seized first place. 

The work has plenty to offer, as it includes pictures of Takahashi’s nation and island excursions, including  her visit to Enoden in Kamakura, gravure and photos of her naturally relaxing in a room, long interviews with AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi and AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko, as well as an interview with Akimoto Sayaka and Kashiwagi Yuki, etc.  Upon the book’s release, Takahashi said “While reading this book, I want you to know that, I hope you become a fan of AKB48 and feel happy.”


A similar article was also posted here on Yahoo! Japan, but I believe it’s basically about the Oricon article.

Considering how Takamina’s first photobook was anything but the typical idol photobook, I’m absolutely ecstatic that it was recieved so well and that it has sold as much as it has! ❤ I absolutely didn’t doubt my Captain’s success for a minute – Congratulations Takamina! And keep up the great work! ❤


5 Responses

  1. HELLZ YEAH! That’s awesome.

    Nothin’ but the best for our Captain! XD

  2. Thanks for your hardwork Chobi-san.
    Wohooo Takamina 1st

  3. Aaaii~ That’s our Captain.. First Place Woot!!~..

    Thanks for the awesome translation~

  4. yeah!!! 1st place
    Thanks for the translation

  5. […] Last thing, I promise, for those who adore one of, if not the smallest member of AKB48, then here’s some news for you! Takamina’s photobook has landed number one on the Oricon book charts you can read more about it here. […]

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