T♥T! Update (10/23/10)

Hello everyone! Here’s a quick T♥T! update.

I’d just like to apoligize for the lack of posts in the past week. I had like three midterms and an insane amount of work on my plate, however I think my workload is going to be a little bit lighter (at least for this week, haha), so stayed tuned for your regularly scheduled T♥T! fangirl-filled updates ^_^

If it’s any consultation I’m working on a few translations at the moment. No blog entries unfortunately, since Takamina hasn’t updated since my last translation, but a few people requested a couple small news articles regarding Takamina to be translated. I’m also still trying to work on the Oricon Interview in my spare time, but sadly they use a lot of kanji and colloquial Japanese which makes it hard to understand, but I hope in due time to have the whole thing translated at some point ^^

But yup, just wanted to let everyone know why there have been a lack of updates as of late, and to look forward to a bunch during this week! ♥


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