T♥T! Two Month-a-versary! Thanks for the 5,000 views! ♥

Wow. This…. this is just incredible. :cute: Tottemo!♥Takamina! has been up for exactly two months and has already recieved a little over 5,000 views~!  <3 <3 <3 [party] 

Seriously, words can’t really express how happy I am right now. One of the main things I was skeptical about while I was debating to create Tottemo♥Takamina! was whether anyone was going to care about reading it. Sure, there are a bunch of members of the TakaArmy out there, but my initial thought was “Who’s going to care / want to read my blog?” I didn’t think I’d have anything extraordinary or great to say, and even if I did I didn’t see what would set my blog apart and catch people’s attention into reading it. 

However, it seems as if I’ve been proven wrong. I’m not sure if in this day and age, with internet blogging slowly evolving and pulling a survival of the fittest over newsprint and broadcasted news, if 5,000 views means anything over the span of two months, but to me it seems like a pretty awesome feat. :chuffed: So to everyone who periodically checks up on Tottemo♥Takamina!, or even if you’ve just come across it in passing, thank you. Thank you for all the comments, all the feedback, and all the positive feedback and encouragement with the translations I do. One of the greatest joys of having a fanblog, or even just being a fan of someone or something, is finding fellow fans to talk and bond with, so thanks for showing me that I’m not alone and for the fond memories and I have had and will continue to make in the future. You guys are awesome. :flower:

And last but not least, I’d like to thank the girl who made this all possible, Minami Takahashi. Because without Takamina, there would be no T♥T!. So thanks for being so amazing Takamina, and here’s to more fangasming in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. <3 <3 <3


4 Responses

  1. T♥T Omedetou ^_^

    I come here everyday.
    Love your posts and Takamina ❤

  2. Wow, nice blog.. I just happen to stumble upon this blog.. And i already like it.. ♥ Takamina! =D Congrats..

  3. “AKB48 X Playboy” magazine (front cove – Atsuko, Takamina, Haruna and Mayu of AKB48) is a must for you cuz it has a big poster of Takamina / Mariko. Hurry up and get it @ Kinokuniya.


  4. Stumbled upon your blog by chance, what a great way to know about Takamina! Because I don’t really follow AKB, and there are so many of them, it’s hard to just learn about one person.

    So you may wonder why I’m suddenly interested in Takahashi (or not)…it’s because of SPEED’s Imai Eriko. At first, I thought they kind of looked alike, but seeing more of the performances and other things in this blog, she really reminds me of young eri-chan!

    If you look at recent SPEED stuff, you may not agree, because after all eri-chan is like 26 and a mother already. But in her teens (try google live performances of SPEED’s old songs)— takamina and young eri have the same energy, singing voice, work ethic, cheerfulness and “bad” humor!

    Of course there are differences. Like, Takamina is still way cuter (as eri-chan has admitted herself in her blog lol), more serious and leader-like, while eri-chan is taller and definitely sings better…e.t.c.

    I don’t know why anyone would be interested in reading this. But in the end, just want to express my gratitude because it’s so hard to find out about an individual member! Also has a new level of appreciation of AKB in general. Because, in the past, whenever they’re on TV, they lipsync and there are so many of them…so I never understood why they’ll be popular. Now I kind of get the reason why they lipsync, and the amount of talent they all actually have.

    I will root for Takamina when I see AKB from now on!

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