This is Takahashi Minami☆☆Hiroshima☆ (2010-10-03)

Good eveningー

Today was Heavy Rotation’s nation-wide handshake event in Hiroshima

It’s been a while since the last nation-wide handshake event, I couldn’t believe how long the line was!

The last time’s Ponytail to Shushu occasion was Team A’s new public performance lesson
Man, seeing as where we came from it’s really been a while

By the way, on the subject of stories
I’ve recently been obsessed with Pokemon gym badges. I got 6 today.

Getting back to what I was saying

Today’s Setlist
M1 Aitakatta
M2 Ponytail to Shushu
M3 Heavy Rotation

Also between the handshaking and the meeting
Everyone in the Kenkyuusei performed
M1 Lemon no Toshigoro
M2 Miniskirt no Yosei

The state of the venue was like this:

I wished I took photos on stage, however
“An unusual well updated Takahashi blog entry
Everyone would say in unison when they’d come and see it
They’d remarked.

So somehow
I feel like it’s unusually rare that I’m updating my blog like this~

For the time being I promise to be good like this

Thank you all very much for everyone who came down today


One Response

  1. Haha, it’s funny how Takamina thinks it’s unusual for her to blog like this as well. XD

    Ever so rare REAL blog entries. lol.

    And hold up, 6 badges in one day!? Taka’s beasting Pokemon!! XDD

    Thanks again for the translation~ (^^)/

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