This is Takahashi Minami☆ Buffet!!! (2010-09-25)

I’m back from the buffet


I am happy that I was able to eat rice

It was delicious!

Sashihara and I began to ignore

our hunger

when we went to go take a picture…

Aah~ I’m in looove

And then I was determined to excavate* icecream with Akicha

Hang in there!!!!

Hang in there!!!!!!!


It was a splendid scoop

Well then!!!

Now that my stomach is full I’m going to return back to my room♪

Chobi’s Note: Yes, she actually used the term “excavate” when she was referring to getting icecream xD Probably because they had to scoop it out of those giant tins, but still. Oh, Takamina ❤


One Response

  1. LOL, I want to go on ice-cream excavations with her too! XD
    Crap…I have a craving for ice-cream now…and yay for hanging with Sasshi! Love those two together. 🙂

    And seriously, again, I keep imagining Takamina like that bear emoticon whenever she uses it…my mind is in adorable mode. :3

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