This is Takahashi Minami☆ Full Moon☆ (2010-09-25)

I finished rehearsal

Even though it was dark outside, inside rehearsal it was great and the tension was overflowing!!!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow

Oh, oh, right!

I saw the full moon in the sky~♪

What other good things have happened???

This is a photo of CBC’s family

Me with Yukirin and Mocchi

Now dinner
I’m off♪゙


One Response

  1. You know, I was just saying to myself the other night, “Wow~ the moon is so full and bright tonight” (literally no stars or clouds other than the moon illumination the night).

    So to read Takamina paying attention to the moon too is just as awesome. I love how she considers that a good thing. The moon is beautiful. (^_^)

    Also, yay for CBC family pic. ❤

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