Takahashi Minami Oricon INTERVIEW-01 Part 1 Translation (Oricon Interview Part 1 of 4)

Upon the released of her first photobook “Takamina,” Takamina was recently featured in a two part interview on Oricon Style’s website. The interview discusses not only her photobook, but also her time spend in AKB48 and the interview that she had with AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi. The interview was broken up into two parts: INTERVIEW 01: “At AKB48’s first stage…” and INTERVIEW 02: “At the interview with Akimoto-san…”.

I absolutely freaked out when I caught wind of the interview, mainly because I feel that Takamina does not get as much media attention as she deserves, so the fact that it was a two part interview with pictures, on Oricon no less, made me nearly die of happiness. So, being overwhelmed with pure happiness and curiousity as to what the interview might entail, I decided to give a go at translating it. However, since this past week was crazy and now this week is going to be very very busy for me with school, I am going to be posting the translation in four parts: INTERVIEW 01 will be broken up into two parts, as will INTERVIEW 02. Originally I planned on posting the whole thing in one go, but I underestimated not only the size of the interview but also the vocabulary (just the part I did seemed to take forever =_=). However I’d like the Takamina fan community to be able to read and enjoy something like this, even if it may not be perfect, so as long as people can be patient I decided that little by little I’d like to work on translation the entire interview ^_^. Once again, please keep in mind again that this is only my third year studying Japanese, so I’m pretty sure my translations will be a little far from perfect. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy Part 1 of 4 of Takamina’s Oricon Interview! ❤

Takahashi Minami Oricon Interview-01 Part 1: “At AKB48’s first stage…”

I’m really thankful that I was free to do as I pleased.

――1st Photobook “Takamina” has been completed. How did it turn out?

【Takahashi Minami 】Well~ , I think that this had so many contents that were full of substance that we had more things than we could fit and it became really packed!

――Certainly the accepted contents approached your charm from various different angles. Can you tell us what you learned from the first photoshoot episode?

【Takahashi Minami 】Generally speaking it was fun. Rather than deciding to take pictures, I was told to act as I normally do, feel as if I was relaxing at home, touch a cat on the sidewalk, run after a duck on a sandy beach and chase it will all of my might…… (laughs). I’m really thankful that I was free to do as I pleased.

――You got to go to Enoshima during the photoshoot at Kamakura, right?

【Takahashi Minami 】This was the first time I went there. So, I almost felt like a tourist. I think I probably should have remembered what I saw, but I just remember eating, so I’m really sorry (laughs).

――It was a photobook that left a good, continuous impact.

【Takahashi Minami 】Especially the pictures of me taken by other members…… they’re terrible!

――Why? Rather than feeling plain, I think that fans feel as if they were close to your presence.

【Takahashi Minami 】There’s also a photo printed on the book dust jacket, “Why would they put it on this?”, such a bad, stupid shot (cries). But, I guess it’s good, because it’s me (laughs).

――Well then, what are your favorite recommended shots?

【Takahashi Minami 】The shot on the outside cover where I’m chasing a duck (laughs). The people around me really rave about it and say “That’s Takamina.”

――A photobook that can only be Takamina’s. Not only is it true, the interviews are thick with content.

【Takahashi Minami 】In this way I felt really thankful that I was able to chat (laughs). Not only since the beginning of AKB48, but the 19 years of my life, I packed it all!


3 Responses

  1. Thank you very much for the interview translation chobi!!
    your such a gift for us taka fans! 🙂
    i really love that the duck pic too, it also had me saying “That’s just soo like Takamina.”

  2. I Thanked you already at S48 but I wanna thank you here again.. so Thanks =)

    Also.. Takamina + Duck = WIN ❤

  3. Amazing so far. I love how her answers are so true to herself. And honestly, that duck chasing pic was priceless.

    It’s funny how everyone else and the members thought the same as we fans did about that pic too. haha.

    We’re probably just as happy as she was that she was free to do as she pleased for this PB. It really is jam-packed with irreplaceable Takamina quality. (^_~)

    Looking forward to more translations~ Thank you, big time. lol.

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