Takahashi Minami on Waratte Iitomo! (09-22-10)


Takamina appeared on today’s episode of  Waratte Iitomo! to promote her first photobook “Takamina”, which was also released today. Here’s a short clip featuring Takamina’s parts:

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, Waratte Iitomo! is a Japanese variety show that has been running since 1982, and airs every weekday on FujiTV. The show is hosted by Japanese celebrity Tamori (Kazuyoshi Morita), and usually features members of the boy band SMAP as regular guests on the show.

In Takamina’s episode, she first gave some information on yesterday’s Janken Tournament and explained that the members who won in the tournament would be the senbatsu members for their next (19th) single. Takamina also said that while although she didn’t make it to senbatsu, she’s ok with it 🙂 Takamina then, while holding a giant cardboard cut out of her PB cover,  came out to promote photobook, mentioning some of its contents, including her interview with Aki-P, among other things.

I totally love all the PB pimping coverage she’s been getting ^^


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