AKB48 18th Single “Beginner” Tracklist and Covers

Man, was today an epic day or what? Not only do we get the results of the Janken Tournament, but the tracklist and covers for AKB48’s 18th single, “Beginner” (10/27 release date) have been revealed!    



Type A CD + DVD

1. Beginner
2. Boku dake no value (Undergirls)
3. Kimi ni Tsuite (MINT)
4. Beginner (Instrumental)
5. Boku dake no value (Instrumental)
6. Kimi ni Tsuite (Instrumental)
1. Beginner (Music Clip)
2. Boku dake no value (Music Clip)
3. Kimi ni Tsuite (Music Clip)
4. Beginner Image Formation (Oshima Yuko center ver.)
5. Beginner Image Formation (Shinoda Mariko center ver.)
6. Beginner Image Formation (Matsui Jurina, Watanabe Mayu center ver.)

Type B  CD + DVD


1. Beginner
2. Boku dake no value (Undergirls)
3. Nakeru Basho (DIVA)
4. Beginner (Instrumental)
5. Boku dake no value (Instrumental)
6. Nakeru Basho (Instrumental)
1. Beginner (Music Clip)
2. Boku dake no value (Music Clip)
3. Nakeru Basho (Music Clip)
4. Beginner Image Formation (Maeda Atsuko center ver.)
5. Beginner Image Formation (Itano Tomomi center ver.)
6. Beginner Image Formation (Takahashi Minami center ver.)
Holy… CAN YOU SAY BEST SINGLE EVER?!?!?! <3333333 The song sounds sooo cool and is the exact type of “cool”, badass song I’ve been waiting for ever since AKB48’s Seifuku no Jama wo Suru era. The epic Acchan scream towards the end is also pretty cool – it’s so haunting yet interesting at the same time, and has me wondering if it’s just going to be apart of the PV or if it’s apart of the actual song too. I thought it was random but at first, but after a few listens I’ve grown rather accustomed to it, plus, in my opinion, it really sets a mood for the song 😀
Oh and apparently in the PV the girls start stabbing and beating the shit out of each other…. totally can’t wait to see it!
And if the song itself doesn’t do it for you, LOOK AT THE TYPE A COVERS. TAKAMINA~!!!!!! OMG, the covers are SO gorgeous~!!! The outfits and colors are amazingly pretty and nicely vibrant, and Takamina’s hair…. holy shit <3. I think the most unique thing about this single, through, are the various dance shot versions that are being released (Takamina center version FTW!).
I couldn’t decide which version I liked the best, so I did the logical thing and ordered First Press Limited A, Type A, and First Press Limited B versions xD. I reasoned that I adored both Takamina covers, and I needed the Takamina dance shot center version, so yeah…
Good thing the single doesn’t come out for a month – that gives me plenty of time to save up and make sure I have the cash to afford all this. I usually almost always just buy one copy of one edition whenever a single comes out (except back when they released only 1 CD+DVD edition plus the theater version of a single – if I liked both covers then I’d buy both) however I simply couldn’t resist this time around. Too much Takamina epicness…
Hopefully the PV will grace the interwebs with its presence soon enough!
PS: If you’re wondering who DIVA is, so is everyone else xD No news has been released as to which girls are going to be in it yet, but with any luck we’ll hear some official news as the release date approaches.
Remember, the single comes out on October 27th! Secure your copies now!

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  1. The Diva is … … Ray!

    XD I’m sorry I could’t resist!

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