This is Takahashi Minami~♪ March!!! (2010-9-20)

From here on out I’m going to try and translate Takamina’s no3b blog entries, since she doesn’t post that often and when she does post she doesn’t write super long entries. If I realize it gets too hard or my Japanese is too basic (which it might be) I’ll probably just post the original Japanese entries here, however I really want to try translating them. Please be aware that since my Japanese is limited these are NOT going to be 100% perfect, however I’m going to try my best!

But anyway, here we go~!

This is Takahashi~

I received letters from everyone
at the meeting and handshake event
Here is a comic that I really reccommend
Shingeki no Kyodai
I read one volume

It’s interesting~

I want to buy Volumes 2 and 3 soon!!!!

I really care about continuing this!!!!!!

When you can read and understand

I’ll put up a synopsis of my recommendation points, ok?

Hey, today at the handshake event
Everyone was really happy

I’m going to bed now!!!


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