More “Takamina” PB pimpin’ yo

Ok, now they’re just taunting us. I NEED THIS PB NOW DAMMIT OMG <33333 Thank god a shuttle bus goes from my campus down the city every Saturday – I’ll probably be going down again to Kinokuniya this Saturday (I went yesterday and bought the Janken book and the Mizugi Surprise Happyou 2010 book) so I’m praying that they’ll have Takamina’s photobook in stock. If not, I might just order another copy so I don’t have to wait until my HMV order with the PB and calendar ships >o<

Oh, and 10,000 epic points go to Tomochin and Kojiharu for being so awesome and looking oh so heavily engaged in reading Takamina’s interviews 🙂 (PS if you look closely you can sort of see more previews [hehe])

Seriously, this is going to be more of a Takamina mook instead of a photobook, but I think that’s why I’m going to love it so much. No bikini shots, just 128 pages of Takamina being awesome, filled with pictures and interviews and epic win.

Two more days! ❤


2 Responses

  1. Hi! Today I went to meet and shake hands with Takamina @ Shinjuku, Tokyo.

    Me: “I went (to see you) on the 16th”.
    Minami: “Thank you very much”.
    Staff: “Thank you”.

    …very short time!

    • Aww, lucky! Congratulations! 😀

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