“My love for AKB is second to none!” Takamina in the 2nd Senbatsu Election


AKB48 released their 4th DVD magazine earlier this month, which featured footage from the 2010 senbatsu election which occured back in June. We got a little preview of the senbatsu election with the mini documentaries on the Heavy Rotation singles, but now we finally have the chance to watch the whole election. To be honest I basically refuse to watch the election videos because I hate seeing the girls all sad and worked up like that, however I couldn’t resist watching Takamina’s speech clip.

Seriously, I think this video perfectly examplifies precisely why I idolize and admire Takamina. I love how she remains cool and strong throughout the video, and makes her speech with confidence. Better yet, it’s her actual speech that gets to me:


#6: Takahashi Minami (Team A)
Whatever rank I get, I will stand and I won’t change. Takahashi Minami is Takahashi Minami. Everyone who supports AKB, everyone who supports SKE, everyone who supports SDN48… I want to die doing my best, improving this Team and getting them to feel better about themselves as to not betray the expectations of these people. My love for AKB is second to none!

 (I tried translating it myself, but I’ve only taken Japanese for two years so it’s not a perfect translation.)

I also love in the video how even though Takamina mentions how in the sousenkyou guide book they expected her rank to go down, she still remains strong (and in her words, she mentions how she’s not crying like last year). You also gotta love her “never give up” personality – Takamina mentioned how that her ultimate goal is to become a singer, and that she’ll never give up on that. I really admire how positive she is about herself and that she’ll never give up hope on her dream. I think what I love the most about her speech though was that she didn’t give a shit about the ranking and didn’t focus on her position or the election at all really. She was all about AKB48, how she’ll try hard to help and lead the new Team A, and how the group is her life. You would have to have no soul not to respect that ❤

It’s when Takamina says stuff like this that I’m remind of why exactly she is my oshimen. She’s not self centered and doesn’t let popularity get in her way. She’s knows who she is and wants to work hard and be the best person she can be, and that’s perhaps the best trait that any human being, not just an idol, can have. Please Takamina, never give up and keep shining in AKB with all your might! ❤


4 Responses

  1. wooooow…..thanks for the translation…i finally can understand what takamina say in the 2nd senbatsu election last june.^^
    the more i read it, the more i like her.she is totally my only oshimen.no matter happend i’ll always support her.

  2. thats also the reason why i like her better XD

  3. Bravo. Awesome post. I wholeheartedly agree. – I remember the first time I watched her speech on Youku, I could not stop replaying it over and over again because it was just damn amazing. She speaks so well and conveyed a positive mindset and not only focused on herself but the group and other groups as well and remains strong for her/their future.

    My heart just felt so full of pride in being her fan.
    What’s even more awesome is that even after she made that epic speech, in the end, she still is the suberi queen – she’s so serious and then we got to see her clumsy and cute side too. She’s an all-around perfect idol – person in general – in my eyes. =)

    Lastly, I love how when she was coming up on stage, the lady mentioned her Team A Captain position as well as being AKB’s overall support. How cool. X3

  4. every time i think that my respect and admiration for takamina cant go any higher she always seems to prove me wrong. i remember the first time i saw her speech and saw how strong and determined she was, i felt like theres nothing in this world that could stop her from doing whatever she sets her mind on and no matter what happens she will always be my oshimen and ill support her forever

    i love how this post really captures what made and kept me a takamina fan since the very beggining of my akb syndrome. awesome post chobi great job!

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