AKB48 Team A 6th Studio Recording “Mokugekisha” CD Release!

Finally, the A6 “Mokugekisha” Studio Recording CD has been released! The CD cover was actually revealed a few days ago, but I figured I’d wait until it popped up on the AKB48 Official Shop to post anything. Anyway, here’s the cover:

Just like to say that Takamina's hair is looking awe-some~!

And the tracklist:

1. overture
2.目撃者 (Mokugekisha)
3.前人未踏 (Zenjin Mitou)
4.いびつな真珠 (Ibitsu na Shinju)
5.憧れのポップスター (Akogare no Popstar)
6.腕を組んで (Ude wo Kunde)
7.炎上路線 (Enjou Rousen)
8.愛しさのアクセル (Itoshisa no Akuseru)
9.☆の向こう側 (Hoshi no Mukougawa)
10.サボテンとゴールドラッシュ (Saboten to Gold Rush)
11.美しき者 (Utsukushiki Mono)
12.アイヲクレ(Ai wo Kure)
13.摩天楼の距離 (Matenrou no Kyori)
14.命の意味 (Inochi no Imi)
15.I’m crying.
16.ずっと ずっと (Zutto Zutto)

The release date for the album is tomorrow, September 18th, so order your copy now! Since this is a stage CD it will only be available in the AKB48 Online Shop, but if you use a deputy service (Such as FromJapan) you can still get it. Here’s the link to the CD in the AKB48 Online shop: http://shop.akb48.co.jp/items/view/231

I am so freaking excited for this. I’ve been on the edge of my seat, waiting for the A6 studio recordings the day the K6 and B5 albums were released (It’s funny because a few days before they came out I was bitching on how CDs from artists I like never get released on my birthday, haha). Anyway I already jumped on it and ordered my copy of A6, and I absolutely can’t wait to hear all the songs again in amazing, recorded quality (especially Takamina’s solo, of course! <3).


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