Takamina on Akko ni Omakase! (09/12/10)

Takamina appeared with fellow AKB48 members Yuko Oshima and Tomomi Itano on the live lunchtime TV show “Akko ni Omakase!” that aired on September 12th. In the first half of the show they talked about news while in the second half they were playing a sort of Find It game – you know, like the ones you used to play as a kid in Hilight magazine, where you had to look for things where you least expected them 🙂 Or maybe that was just me…. either way it was basically a “Find A and B in the following picture.” In either event it was really funny to watch. At a friend’s recommendation I downloaded KeyHole TV just in time to catch the last part of the show, however the quality was rather craptastic. Luckily Hello! Online has uploaded the file which can be downloaded via torrent here.

Unfortunately I am unable to download torrents up at college, so I don’t have a physical video clip to share. Luckily, however, here are some screen caps for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Also… hooray for the cute jean colorful Heavy Rotation costumes! ^^


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