And Chobi said “Let there be previews”…

Damn I need to fangasm and rant about Takamina’s photobook more often, God answered my prayers! 🙂 Here are some previews of Takamina’s 1st photobook “Takamina” from the latest issue of Friday Magazine!

So Takamina does not only have a rather nice sized preview spread, but she’s also featured on the cover of the magazine. Even though it’s basically her PB cover, it’s still gorgeous 🙂 Next we got a really cute image of her looking at the camera while she’s munching on some snacks, followed by a simple but uber pretty image of her sitting crossed legged on a bed. The next one is a very adorable picture of Takamina doing her nails (let me just say I love love LOVE these kinds of pictures in PB – I think how you get to see the girls just relaxing, and well, being girls ^^). Then you got an… interesting shot of Takamina subtly lifting up her shirt while wearing the cutest pink ruffly shorts ever, and then lastly you have a shot of her leaning over in what appears to be a bath tub filled with… bath toys? Not entirely sure what those colorful critters are but the image is totally cute and the camera angle and look on Takamina’s face make it an epic win. I think out of all of them my favorite have to be first, third, and last scans. Takamina just looks so freaking cute, cool, and awesome all at the same time!

Just…. gyah, I can’t even think of where to begin showering my praises! Just…. damn, thank you God, Buddha, and Aki-P for finally giving Takamina the opportunity to have her own solo photobook and magazine photoshoots. I love you all for making this possible

Now if you excuse me, I need to wipe my drool off the floor and try to revieve my now dead brain before my 4:20 Italian class…

Oh and once again, the photobook comes out on September 22nd! BUY IT, BUY IT NOW!!!


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