Takahashi Minami 1st Solo Photobook “Takamina” Cover

The cover for Takamina’s 1st photobook,”Takamina,” is finally out!

My… my head has just exploded and now my brain juices are all over the place, oh my god <333. But seriously, the cover is GORGEOUS. I have mixed feelings about the color red, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t, but dayum, can Takamina pull it off! I think after seeing how Takamina rocks blue and green (the cover of her solo 2011 calendar) and now this, it can be concluded that Takamina looks awesome no matter what color she wears.

But yeah, aside from the awesome red going on, I really love the cover. It’s nice and simple, and I’d rather see a photobook with tasteful, nice, artistic photographs than bikini shots and odd camera angles. I feel this way about Takamina especially, but with all photobooks in general – as I’ve started before, being a straight female, I don’t really like photobooks, but right now I’m drumming my fingers in anticipation for Takamina’s first photobook 🙂 Now that the cover has been revealed I’m hoping this means we will get some magazine coverage or promotion of some kind, as well as previews. I don’t know if it’s because I preordered my copy a month ago and the fact that this is Takamina we’re talking about makes me fangirl squeal like an idiot, but now the wait is really getting to me!

If you are reading this and haven’t ordered your copy yet, DEAR LORD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GOOD SIR OR MADAM? Order it now!  Takamina commands you, I command you, what more can you ask for? ❤ Preorder it from one of the following retailers:

Amazon Japan
HMV Japan
CD Japan

And just to reiterate, here are the details on the PB (thanks to makistar for posting it first):

Release date: 2010-09-22
Price: 1200 JPY
Soft cover, 128 pages
Bonus: photo (3 types, 1 photo per book)
Publisher: Kodansha (講談社)

I still need to figure out what I am going to do in regards to my HMV order – as I previously stated it got all messed up with the postponement of No Sleeves’ 1st album. I will most likely either remove the album from my order (if it was simply over the release being pushed back I’d wait, but a postponement can mean a delay for quite some time), or I might just have to cancel my order entirely and place it again. Either way I am totally stoked, and a little relieved I’ll be saving myself the $40-50 some odd dollars I would have spend on the album for now. Hmmm… I might just order an extra copy or two of the photobook just so I can collect all three bonus photos…

But anyway, the photobook drops on September 22nd, so secure your copy today! ❤


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