Takamina in Dragon Ball Kai

Ok, so remember a ways back when it was announced that Takamina would be doing a small seiyuu role in an upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Kai that would air on September 5th? Well the episode has finally aired and, as little as it may be, we’re finally gotten the chance to hear Takamina voice act! ❤  Watch the clip here on YouTube! (uploaded by me; special thanks to the original person who uploaded it on Hello! Online):

Even Krillin can't help but blush...

So even though the majority of her lines consists of breathing and screaming, Takamina still did an amazing job! ❤ What surprised me most is that when the news was first posted Takamina’s character was simply called “the little girl.” Even though the character still appears to be nameless (from the clip I didn’t catch a name; please let me know if I’m wrong), her character is a lot older than I expected. I pictured Takamina voiced a little 5 year old girl or something, but judging from her appearance I’d like to guess that her character is in at least her mid teens. But who knows, I could be wrong.

I have to say, Takamina’s voice was simply lovely here. Not only did she prove she can voice act, but she also shows the girly side of her (I don’t know why, but her voice sounded a little more hi pitched and definitely girlier compared to her usual, slightly deeper voice). And while on the subject of voices… what the hell did they do with Krillin’s Japanese voice?! He sounds like a 10 year old boy! >< This was the first time I’ve heard the anime in Japanese (I confess, I’ve only see the dubbs but until this point) so I was especially looking forward to Takamina’s episode to hear some of the Japanese voices. But yeah… Krillin’s voice totally blew me out of the water… after being so used to Sonny Strait’s voice all these years I totally wasn’t expecting that…

Ahem. But yeah, anyway, back to Takamina! ^_^ For her first seiyuu role, she did an amazing job, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this means she’ll hopefully get more chances to voice act, possibly for bigger roles, in the future.


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