T♥T! Update 9/6/10

Hey everyone! Just wanted to make an announcement that yes, indeed, I am well and alive! Terribly sorry for the absence of updates in the past week – I moved back to college and had to deal with the insanity that was my first week, fixing my class schedule, plus my internet up at school was on the fritz (I just that’s what I get for going to a school with a campus and buildings that are 10,000 years old and relies on ethernet cables and shitty dorm access ports for internet access…). HOWVER I just wanted to reassure everyone that I’m back, my internet is all fixed, and Tottemo♥Takamina! is back in order!

I’m sorry I have to keep apologizing for issues I keep having, but I hope there are still some Takamina and AKB fans out there who actually read this blog and like my posts (Please don’t give up on me! ><), so I just wanted to keep you guys updated! We now return to your regularly scheduled T♥T! fangirl fest! ♥


One Response

  1. Glad you’re back in action! 😀

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