Takahashi Minami Solo Calendar 2011 Updates!!!

Ok, so more news on the upcoming release of Takamina’s 2011 solo calendar! First of all, the cover has been revealed!:

I… I am seriously drooling :-Q______. Like honestly, the cover is GORGEOUS. First of all, it’s Takamina, in all her pretty, cool, super awesomeness. Second, there’s bows all over the place, and if it’s one thing that comes to mind when I think about Takamina, it’s bows and ribbons (followed by skulls, haha). I’m also loving the little bow on top of the second “i” in her first name – so adorable! ❤ I’m also loving all the shinyness and sparklieness of the bows – it’s not only really cute but also very eyecatching. I also love all the blue and green. To be honest I don’t like the way certain shades of green look on Takamina (although anything looks good on Takamina), but I think they chose great colors that Takamina really works (especially the bow on top of her head – rock that Takamina!). The fact that her name is written in blue (and one of my favorite shades of blue too) also make it very lovely.

Cover grade: A++++

I so can’t wait to see the rest of the calendar 😀

However, unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait a little while longer now. On a note so awesome note, the release of the calendar (along with a majority of the other AKB girls’ calendars) has been pushed back from September 30th to October 6th. Not too terrible, because it’s only a week’s delay, but still – it’s Takamina, so even a week is torture. Not to mention I also ordered my calendar with Takamina’s first PB and No Sleeves’ first album, which has also been postponed, so that pushes my recieving the PB back. However I know it’s definitely going to worth the wait, and since it’s Takamina I can hold out for her sake.

On a plus note September and October are just around the corner, so hopefully as time goes by we’ll be getting a few more previews 🙂


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