“When I grow up I want to become cabbage!” Takamina’s dream finally come true in “Yasai Sisters” PV

It took her 16 years, but Takamina has finally become cabbage!

Don’t get the reference? Well, back when AKB48 first started out in, and the girls were given the chance to release their own private videos.  In Takamina’s, she shared a video from when she was three years old. When she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Takamina responded with…

How freaking adorable is that??? (And look how cute she was when she was a baby!) <333 Well, Takamina’s dream has finally come true with the release of AKB’s latest PV, Yasai Sisters.

We actually got a taste (hahaha, no pun intended) of Yasai Sisters a few months ago when AKB48 collabed with Kagome, a Japanese drink brand, to promote some sort of vegetable beverage. A couple commercials, along with a making of and some individual videos of the girls drinking the veggie juice, were released. From what I heard I thought the song was adorable, so I was so happy when it was announced that Yasai Sisters would be one of the B-sides on AKB’s upcoming single, Heavy Rotation. Now I’m even more ecstatic now that the PV has been released and we got to see a whole 3 and a half minutes of Takamina (and AKB) veggie goodness! ^^

V-E-G-E-T-A-B-LES! Watch it here on Youku!

I thought the commericals were cute and subliminal messaging enough, but the PV seriously makes me want to hop on a plane to Japan and buy every carton of Kagome veggie juice out there. Seriously, it’s so effing adorable <333 The beginning is so cute too (Acchan falling off of a tomato plant xD) but as usual my eyes were kept naturally on the look out for Takamina.

First shot of her! Twirling around with the other veggie girls, Takamina looks so tiny and fun sized standing next to Yukirin ^^

Next is a two shot with Acchan (Tomatos and cabbage… can anyone say the perfect salad ingredients? ^^)

If encouraging people to eat more healthy was a goal of the song/campaign/PV, then it’s definitely working. Want. Veggies. NOW.

I’ll take ten million boxes of the Taka Cabbage in the front, thank you ^.^

More TakaAcchan love.

My favorite shot in the whole PV. Cabbage never looked so adorable <3333333

And basically so are the Takamina hilights of the PV. The rest of the PV includes scenes of the girls dancing (Takamina can be easily spotting next to Acchan in the front), being thrown into a blender, and then being blending into yummy yummy veggie juice.

TL;DR: Yasai Sisters is perhaps, while rather simple, one of the most adorable AKB48 Pvs ever, and Takamina is the cutest cabbage on the planet.

And on that note, excuse me while I go through my refigerator for ingredients for my lunch tomorrow: julienne vegetables ^_^


2 Responses

  1. Lol I remember her saying she wanted to be a cabbage when she was still chibi! I love Takamina! I love cabbage! 😀 *goes off to watch pv now*

  2. That’s so funny. “Kids Say the Darnedest Things” is right! Now I’m really hungry for cabbage 😦

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