AKB48 Official Trading Cards ~Takahashi Minami Solo Box~

I finally was able to track down a binder and trading card sleeves today (thank you Staples!) sp I decided to take pictures of my Takamina trading cards after I put them all nice and new in my binder ^_^ I would have taken pictures of them sooner, as I recieved my box back at the beginning of the week, however when I got my box I just opened it up to take a quick look at the cards, see which special ones I got, and then I put everything back, deciding not to touch them until I had the cards sleeves to put them in. Unfortunately for me I had only taken a picture of the box itself at the time, so I had to wait to take pictures of the card themselves (thus makistar beat me to posting pictures of the cards themselves). However, I’m so happy I found the binder and card sleeves today, and finally have the chance to share my pictures with everyone!

Without further adieu, here are the pictures of my cards and some info on what they’re like:

Unfortunately when the first set of AKB trading cards came out – the normal boxes where you could get any members’ cards – I had to pass on them, but when it was announced that certain members would be getting their own solo boxes, Takamina included, I couldn’t pass the opportunity up.

Since I didn’t buy the first set of trading cards I didn’t know what to expect, and I don’t think all the individual member’s trading cards were included in the solo boxes, but the way the solo boxes work is that you get 45 cards (which are the same in every box) plus 4 random bonus cards, which can vary from special cards (5 types), rare cards (4 types), signed cards (1), clear cards (1) and cheki (1). Unfortunately I didn’t get a signed card, but the last two cards in my box were shiny, so that was something to look forward to ^_^ I’d love to try and collect all the extra cards now, but considering how you only get 4 extra cards per box (and the boxes are rather expensive as it is), I might try and scout them out on Yahoo! Japan Auctions.

What I found most interesting about the cards is that they were double sided, so while you technically do only get 45 cards, you kind of get 90 because each card has a front and a back side. My personal favorites are the off-shot cards and the live ones (Takaboy dressed as Kai! ❤ Squee!), and I also think it was an awesome idea to make the back of the live cards form one big image when you put them together (Nothing beats a picture of Takamina live… unless it’s a larger picture of Takamina live ^_^).

As if AKB48 was bad enough, they had to go and make trading cards now! All I can say is that I feel like I’m 12 again, only instead of buying Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards I’m buying AKB48 ones, and instead of paying $3 for a booster pack  you need to pay $50+ for a box xD Oh well, it’s still a rather fun concept, and only time will tell if AKS will be releasing more. One thing is definitely certain though: there’s no stopping AKB48 from coming out with more wallet rape goods!


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