Newsflash!: Takahashi Minami 1st Solo Photobook & 2011 Solo Calendar


Ok, so the news was released 5 days ago, but I figured it’s more than worthy enough to post here. 

Can it be? Yes, it’s true! Takamina will be releasing her first solo photobook, entitled 『たかみな』(Takamina). The photobook is scheduled to be released on September 22 and will be priced at 1200 JPY, so roughly around $14. Judging by the relatively cheap price it will be a soft cover, 128 pages, A5 sized, and will also include a bonus photo (out of the 3 available). 


Special thanks to makistar over at Stage48 for originally posting the news! 

This is both surprising and very excited news! As the majority of AKB fans know, Takamina tends to be kept more “covered up” in photoboots in comparison to her fellow AKB members (Personally I think this is more due to her self image than anything else (from her Shukan AKB 100 Questions, she tends to have a rather poor look on herself and isn’t confident with some things, claiming she’s not ‘girly.’)) So yeah, the possiblity of a photobook always seemed like a dream that would never happen, so I’m overflowing with joy that it’s finally becoming a reality! ^^ 

I never preorder things, NEVER, but this is just too good to be true that I’m going to have to break out of my no preordering shell. (I’m even half tempted to order 3 copies just for a chance to get all the photos xD). Countdown to September 22nd, START NOW! 😀 

UPDATE 8/11: According to Takamina’s blog, there will be NO swimsuit photos in her photobook (Once again credit goes to makistar for posting the news first):


As if the initial excitement wasn’t enough, now I’m REALLY excited to see this PB! ❤

Next order of business: Takamina will also be releasing her first solo calendar! Every year AKB48 releases a group calendar and a few of the girls get to release their own solo calendars as well. As if the photobook wasn’t enough, this is double good news ^^ Like the other calendars, Takamina’s solo calendar will be released on September 30th, be priced at 2415 JPY (roughly $28), and be B2 sized. 


Thanks to mihipyon at Stage48 for dropping the news first! 


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