TakaWho? A few questions explained

I suppose before we dive into the heavy stuff, I’ll start off with explaining a few things, i.e. who is Minami Takahashi, why her, who am I, and why I decided to start this.

“Tottemo♥Takamina!” – The story beyond the blog title

I wanted to come up with both a cute and catchy title name, and suddenly Tottemo♥Takamina! dawned on me. I loved it from the very beginning, and thought that it perfectly described not only this blog, but Takamina herself. Tottemo (とっても) is Japanese for very or absolutely, and Takamina is Minami Takahashi’s nickname. And that’s what this blog is about – Absolutely Takamina

I also tend to refer to Minami Takahashi as… well, Takamina, so you’ll be seeing it quite a lot ^_^.

Who is Minami Takahashi?


Minami Takahashi, as stated previously, is a member of the Akihabara-based J-pop idol group AKB48. The group is divided into three teams, Teams A, K, and B, and Takamina  happens to be the captain of Team A. She has also been at the group’s forefront since the group began, and can usually be seen with her hair partially up in a high ponytail, bow resting on her head, and bursting with energy.

For more information, here’s a few vital stats (Thanks to Stage48, edited by me):

Team: A (Leader)
Name: Takahashi Minami (高橋みなみ)
Nickname: Takamina (たかみな)
Birthdate: April 8th, 1991
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Drawing, Reading (shonen) manga
Audition song: Ayumi Hamasaki – Will
Catchphrase: I may look a bit like a yankee, but inside I have a glass heart.
Height: 148.5cm
Bust: 74cm
Waist: 56.5m
Hips: 81cm
Agency: Production Ogi

Singles Participated In
Sakura no Hanabiratachi
Skirt, Hirari
Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru
Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou
Boku no Taiyou
Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?
Romance, Irane
Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008
Baby! Baby! Baby!
Oogoe Diamond
10nen Zakura
Namida Surprise!
Iiwake Maybe
Sakura no Shiori
Ponytail to Shushu
Heavy Rotation

Stage Units
A1: Skirt, Hirari (1st/2nd Unit)
A1: Hoshi no Ondo (2nd Unit)
A2: Nageki no Figure
A2: Glass no I LOVE YOU
A2: Senaka Kara Dakishimete
A2: Rio no Kakumei
A3: Bird
A3: Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru
A4: Junai no Crescendo
A5: Renai Kinshi Jourei
A6: Itoshisa no Akuseru
H1: Higurashi no Koi (1st Unit)
H2: Bye Bye Bye (1st Unit)

Why Takamina?

Simply put, Takamina is my oshimen, or favorite member, of AKB48. Someone once asked me why Takamina is my favorite member, and to be honest it was hard for me to put into words. They say that a way to tell you really like someone is when you can’t possibly name what exactly it is you like about them, and I find that is true with my fangirl relationship with Takamina. I just love everything about her: her personality, her image, her voice, everything. Takamina stood out to me ever since I joined the AKB48 fandom in 2007. I was always able to point her out in music videos and tell her voice apart in songs, and I love that about her. To me, there was something about her that made her especially unique, and I instantly became a fan of hers.

And why do I admire her? Takamina seems to be everything I’m not – she’s cute, cool, hillarious, and just a fun person. She’s more than just a singing idol to me, she’s someone who I can look up to. She inspires me to be a better person and I feel like I can really relate to her.  For example, we have a number of things in common: we’re both rather short, have lots of energy, and have similar interests. Takamina and I both love hairbows, hoodies, skulls, and singing. If I could hang out with her the way her fellow AKB48 members do, I’d like to think we’d become good friends. Idols tend to have an invisible wall between themselves and their fans, but I feel that Takamina, and her fellow AKB48 members as well, break that wall and really make the effort to make themselves known to and in return know their fans.

Then it comes down to it, I suppose it’s her openess, energy, passion, and stellar personality that makes me admire Takamina. I hope by creating this blog that I can show to the world why Takamina is so awesome, why I adore her so much, and hopefully raise awareness of her and introduce a few new fans to her world.

About the Webmistress

If you frequent Stage48, Hello! Online, or just simply lurk around the internet, I’m known as ChobiMM3, or Chobi for short. For more about me click on ‘ChobiMM3’ at the top of the page! ♥


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  1. Chobi! I love your blog so far. Very well written, and the pictures are awesome. However, I have a bone to pick with this entry: “Takamina seems to be everything I’m not – she’s cute, cool, hillarious, and just a fun person”. Um, you’re all these things and more ^.^ Keep up the good work!!

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