AKB48 2010 Visual Book 48 Questions – Takahashi Minami

Hana over at Nihongogo and Stage48 has kindly been translating the AKB48 2010 Visual Book Questionaries, and she’s finally gotten up to Takamina! Let’s see what the fearless Team A captain has to say!

What’s your nickname?
– Takamina.

What’s your catchphrase?
– I may look a bit like a yankee, but inside I have a glass heart.

What’s your charm point?
– My hair, my eyes.

Why did you want to be in show business?
– Because I would sing at karaoke and I grew to like singing.

What’s your personality?
– Stubborn.

How old were you when you had your first love? How old was he?
– 5 (the middle of pre-school). He was the same age.

What are your hobbies?
– Reading (shonen) manga, drawing.

And your special skills?
– Copying pictures, hula-hooping with my neck.

Have you ever learned anything?
– Swimming.

What’s your favorite food?
– Katsudon, junk food, white rice.

What’s your favorite drink?
– Of course, vegetable juice.

Who is your favorite artist?
– Nakamori Akina, Flumpool.

What’s your favorite TV show?
– Otameshika!

What’s your favorite magazine?
(Shonen) Jump, haha.

What’s your favorite season?
– Fall. The temperature is perfect, haha!

What’s your favorite brand?
– one spo.

What’s your favorite town?
– New York.

What’s your favorite type of guy?
– Funny, and taller than me!

Who is a member that you’re close with?
– Mine-chan, Paru.

What clubs are/were you in?
– The “go home” club. ❤

What subject are you good at?
– Social studies, Japanese.

What subject are you bad at?
– PE, Math, English.

If you could compare yourself to an animal, what would you be?
– A cat. I do what I want. Meow~.

What’s your ringtone?
– Flumpool’s “Zanzou”.

What’s a site you check often?
– Togasaki’s blog, of course.

What’s something you’re hooked on?
– Collecting ribbons and looking for funny manga.

What was your most expensive purchase?
– A voice recorder.

What would you do if you had a week off?
– I’d sleep and read manga without doing anything else, haha.

What’s your favorite AKB single?
– Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?, RIVER.

What’s your favorite AKB stage song?
– Bird, Namida Uri no Shoujo, Tsuki no Katachi.

What’s your favorite outfit?
– Namida Uri no Shoujo.

What’s a memorable stage show or concert for you?
– The Seinenkan, Budoukan, and A1st.

What’s something good that’s come from being in AKB?
– Everything. I’ve gotten to meet so many people.

What was the hardest thing about being in AKB?
– Not being able to be there for the opening day of A5th.

Who is your oshimen?
– Sato Yukari.

Who is someone you respect?
– Akimoto Sayaka.

If you could make a law, what would it be?
– Equal society.

Say something to AkiP!
– You’re always taking care of me. Please be good to me from now on!

Say something to everyone!
– I want to make this a team where everyone feels comfortable! Go ahead and stretch out. ☆

Say something to the management!
– Thanks for your hard work, haha!!

Say something to BLT!
– You’ve taken care of us ever since the beginning. Please be good to us forever and ever!

Say something to the fans!
– Please always support AKB48 & Takahashi Minami.

Comment on the new teams!
– I want to make it a team where everyone has fun!

What’s your future dream?
– A singer.

What’s something that AKB has that other idols don’t?
– Relaxation and friendliness.

What is the theater to you?
– A starting point.

What are idols to you?
– Down-to-earth girls who are themselves.

What’s AKB to you?
– Everything I am now.

She’s a beloved “student body president” character who can keep a gentle eye out on not just Team A, but all of AKB48. Her story-telling skills have been labeled as “failing”, but tolerating that and everything is what makes someone a true Takamina fan. Her boyishness is underlined when she purposefully climbs trees or catches beetles on location, but when complimented, she looks down and gets embarrassed, revealing that she also has a girlish side as well.


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